Friday, July 3, 2015

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

The end of the camp week ended well.  Your camp leader, Hailey, said you had a great day on Thursday.  At camp this week, you made "firework hats" - oh my gosh, SO cute!  You were in the group picture (on the left side, third down):

You don't get any cuter than this!

This weekend started early.  It's 4th of July, Independence Day weekend... we started the fun on Thursday evening with a swim at Oma's and Opa's.  Mommy bought you a floaty device.  You liked it.  We even tried to take it off about midway through the time in the pool and you cried to have it back on!  Warning for other parents - it's a great thing for your child, but do not leave child unattended (DUH), because the child can roll in the water going face down. This happened to you twice.  We were quick to get you right again and Daddy said, "It's still good that he put his face in the water."

Next picture is right after you did  "roll" by accident in the water.  

Mommy couldn't resist the Mickey Mouse pool toy.  It floats and you liked swimming (with assistance) towards it.

Family Pool Selfie!

After swimming, I asked you, "Do you like swimming in the pool?"  You exclaimed, "YES!"  That made Mommy happy.

This morning, Mommy and Daddy woke up early.  Friday - up early - both of us off of work today... shouldn't we all still be asleep?  But we had plans for the day!  Daddy, who doesn't like the beach (because of the sand and heat), had agreed that we would go to Mississippi and spend some time on the beach near the Silver Slipper Casino.  We left early, just before 7am, in order to get there early enough before the heat of the day and before the big crowds arrived.

Daddy said, "His iPad case matches his water shoes perfectly!  He is entertained means we are all happy."

Calm waters over the lake.

Beach Time!  And we had the beach all to ourselves!

You loved walking in the sand.  You love to walk!

You were off on your own until you heard Mommy say, "Do you want to play with your beach toys?"  

Daddy, can you open my beach toy bag?

Your joy was putting sand into the bucket and dumping it right back out again.

And in case anyone is wondering, yes, jelly fish in very shallow waters.

You and Daddy set out to make a sand castle.

When your feet went into the water, you said, "COLD!"  You are understanding the difference of hot and cold now.  You were okay in the water for a brief period of time, but the minute you left the water ... you didn't want to get back into it again..  That's okay, because you loved the sand time.

Daddy might not like the beach, but he will do anything for you, sweet son.

Back in the car, with the beach in the background.  I'd say it was a successful morning at the beach!  You never stopped playing.  Daddy said, "This was the perfect amount of time at the beach.  Morning and not too long.  I'm glad we are both mountain people, rather than beach people."  It's true, Mommy and Daddy prefer the mountains, but spending time on the beach is good for all of us, just in low dosage amounts :) 

After the beach, we went to the Mississippi Welcome Center.  While Daddy brought you to the Men's bathroom to change out of your swim suit and shoes, Mommy went to the Lady's bathroom and changed too.  It was great to change in air conditioning and I've always thought the MS welcome center was pretty.  You liked the rocking chairs; anything new is fun for you!

The welcome center was the perfect quick stop to cool off, change and relax for a few minutes.  Then, Daddy had an awesome idea to go to the Science Center!  You, my boy, love Science just as much as Daddy. Your face light up with joy when Daddy told you where we were going.  When we arrived, you didn't stop.  You looked at everything, as curious as ever.  Mommy told Daddy, "I hope he becomes a Scientist."  I hope you always have your wonderful, curious nature.

Hurry up, Mommy!

My strong, sexy husband - he carries my world in his arm and holds a planet in his hand.

There were a bunch of mannequins dressed in various rescue outfits - fireman, policemen, first responders, etc.  Daddy said, "Gregory, look a fireman!"  You knew exactly which mannequin to go to!

There was an outfit for an astronaut and a space where the person's face can go in.  You are TOO cute!

The employees of the center came up to us and asked, 
"Would your son like to try on some outfits?"  Here you are with the fireman's hat.

They also had a Saints gear and helmet.  Daddy couldn't resist!

You were SO proud caring the outfit, walking around like a football player already!

And then.. you got sacked...

So much to see at the Science Center!

Another lady was there with her family, she offered to take a picture of the three of us.  Incredibly sweet.  I had just been thinking, "Maybe we could ask someone to take our picture" and then she just walked up to me.  Yeah!  Thank you, God :)  Our family picture for the day :)

An indoor playground!

Where there are Legos, there is Gregory.

They had a cool Bubble station.

Mommy caught a bubble on her hand!

Mommy noticed that anything that Daddy touched, you touched too.  Adorable.

There was an airplane making station.  It's on the second floor of the center.  You take the airplane and try to land it on the landing strip on the first floor.  Your plane went straight down!

Mommy, come on, we're going to the moon!

Daddy flying the space shuttle.  He had just as much fun as you did!

Like Daddy, Like Son

You didn't want to leave, but we did get some space shuttle toys and that made you happy.

For lunch, we went to Cracker Barrel.  Our waitress gave you a box of crayons.  Half the fun is you being able to open the box.

It took a while for the food to get to our table.  Good thing Mommy always brings Cheerios!  How many Cheerios can you fit in your mouth?

You love to play and play so seriously at times!

Did we have a fun filled morning?!  Oh yes!  You fell asleep on the car ride home.. and three hours later, you are still asleep.

My beautiful boy... it was a great day.  Mommy and Daddy both had off from work and we made the best of it as a family together.  You love anything new and different.  You love to explore and that was what this day was about.   Quality family time and fun.  Couldn't be more blessed.

Love Always,

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