Thursday, June 11, 2015

Summer Camp so far

This is the first day that the teacher mentioned something on Gregory's daily report regarding food.  She wrote, "Gregory wasn't very interested in the pizza rolls."  I prefer that they tell me like it is, because when my son comes home crazy hungry, I know why.  But this time, she wrote it and I can definitely believe it about the pizza rolls.  He takes after his mommy.

But even with not eating as well during camp, he still got a sticker.

Halie, the teacher of Gregory's Walla Walla group, sent an email to the parents about how the week was going and she included some pictures too.  In the picture with the table, Gregory is all the way at the far end on the right side.  You can see him in the music area closer to the music teacher, I think he might be covering his ears?

It makes me feel good to see the pictures.  I'm the type of parent who wonders, "Is he enjoying swimming right now"... "is he behaving himself"  There are 13 children in the group with a teacher and an assistant.  There is also another lady who does music too.

When we arrived at Oma's and Opa's after camp today, Gregory was eager to eat and play.

ET Phone Home

UPDATE:  I sent an email to Halie, the Walla Walla group leader, at Gregory's camp. I asked how Gregory was doing, if he was behaving and playing nice, if he enjoyed swimming, etc.  She wrote the following in response:

"Gregory is doing great!  There is a lot of adjustment the first week or so with getting used to carpool and the routine in general.  He plays very well with his new friends and they especially love the train table.  Gregory is enjoying the pool.  He'll get his feet in and play at the water table with the water toys as well.  I hope this helps to ease your worries.  If you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me."

That made me feel a lot better.  I know my son has had a nap during the camp time, because he isn't coming home tired.  Which means that they are keeping the kids active and I know Gregory likes being active.  It's nice to hear that Gregory is playing well.  There has been such a concern about Gregory's socialization.  I guess we did a good job in socializing him with Gym Rompers and places such as the Children's Museum and Palmtree Playground - those are great ice breakers into the realm of being around other children, but the camp is a full program on a full day, so I did have concerns.  This doesn't mean that Gregory won't get shy with people, but at least I know he is capable of playing well and on a daily, regular basis.  

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