Saturday, June 13, 2015

It is a Cat Neighborhood

The cats own our neighborhood.  We feed them.  We have trapped them and had them fixed, but somehow we still keep getting new cats in the backyard to eat.  We ask each other, "How do they know we have food?  Is there a cat network going on?!"

These cats are feral.  But they own homes. The below pictures were taken one morning this past week when I let our dog, Dewey, out for his morning constitutional.

Here's an orange tabby cat across the street (on the left side of the picture)

Across the street, next door, is a black and white cat - these cats are all sitting in front of the house, as if to "own" them.

It's not clear, but in the garden, there's a calico cat.

Next door to us, is the grey cat, one of three grey siblings that we caught and fixed.  You can see Dewey on the left (with the curled tail).

The orange cat, the black and white and the calico all saw Dewey... and went TOWARDS our dog! Literally, all three cats started crossing the street!

I was thinking, "Holy crap!  My dog is going to get his butt torn up from a gang of cats!"  I was so worried about the dog that I called him back into the house.  Greg later told me that the cats and Dewey will chase each other and play, that the cats aren't threatened by Dewey.  Clearly not!

Tigger surely isn't threatened by the dog....

This morning has been lovely.  We started the day, rushing around for supplies for my cupcake decorating class... including making the cupcakes.  Lol.  I was not prepared, but before we left, everything was ready to go.  Even though the class wasn't until 10am, we had to get everything packed because we were going to breakfast in New Orleans first.

Marla and Kandy work for Nashville Chemical in Nashville, TN.  They were in town for the night, with Texas as their destination.  My husband and Matthew rely upon Marla and Kandy for their orders, chemicals and accounts.  Greg calls Kandy the Queen of Kill Chem, because she deals with the biocides.  Greg and Matthew had wonderful things to say about both ladies.  They were quick with smiles, down to earth, good people.  It was a pleasure meeting them!

Breakfast was at Cafe at the Square - which is located in The Blake Hotel on St. Charles Avenue.  Marla and Kandy even asked to meet Gregory, which I thought was brave, considering they knew he is in his terrible two's (though I think he behaved for the most part - no big breakdowns).  It was great seeing Matthew and Cindy as well!  They are good friends and neighbors who live one street away from us.

I ordered the Fried Green Tomato Benedict.  Delicious!
Gregory was happy with his fruit platter (mostly eating the purple grapes and strawberries and also some biscuits, which the waitress kindly brought out very early).

On the left:  Cindy, Matthew, Kandy
On the right:  Me, Gregory, Greg, Marla

We timed breakfast perfectly at 8am (arriving a few minutes early to request a large table).  The company was fun, the service was great and the food was delicious.  Thank you, Danny, for the recommendation!  

Greg drove me straight from the restaurant to Michael's for the cupcake class.  But first, Greg bought the icing (last ingredient I needed for the list,.... and uhhh. rather important... considering you need ICING to decorate with.. DOH)... While Greg hunted for the icing, Gregory found soft swords (which was bought) and we played.

Valeta was the cupcake instructor.  It was a great class!

If you want to read more about the cupcake class, click here - it will bring you to my Fleur de Bake blog (which has been very inactive, whoops).

A few more quick pictures of Gregory!

"Gregory are you ready to go to camp this morning"

"Daddy, here's the towel you asked for.  No, you can't have my toy car.  Can I play with the toilet paper now?"

"Mommy, no you can't cook right now.  I'm lining up my cars on the kitchen counter top."

Special Prayer Request.... Our friend, Cindy, just recently had Chemo.  She has surgery scheduled for Tuesday.  If you could take a moment, we're asking for prayers for our friend.  She's a gentle, kind person.  Please pray or send positive thoughts.... for her strength, support, healing and recovery...

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