Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day

Daddy is my hero.

He teaches me about hard work.  I see him going to work and coming home to work even more.  One day, he will help me with my chemistry classes.

Daddy showing me the puzzle box and how it works.

Airplane watching with Daddy

In Daddy's arms, I'm king of the world!

Daddy teaches me to say the words "I Love You" and I do!

Running to Daddy!

Daddy buying me a big boy potty

Daddy..... I have a gift for you... and here's a guess... it's not a toaster!

Daddy protects me, but he also wants me to be fearless! and ROAR!

And he tells me to be kind, helpful and share with others.


You are my super hero.  You said that I am your super hero.  If I am a super hero, then I know what my super power is - the ability to make you smile!

I hope you like the gift... I painted it MYSELF!

I love you, Da.

Happy Father's Day,

Your Son

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