Monday, June 8, 2015

Emotional day ending Grateful

Today was a difficult one.  My Dad went to the hospital for an angiogram.  Based on how my Dad was feeling and tests that they did prior to the angiogram, the doctor believed my dad had partially blocked arteries.  Five years ago, the doctor said the same thing and my dad ended up having a triple bypass.  It was a bad situation back then that only got a heck of a lot worse before it had the appearance of ever getting better.

So you might imagine that all of these thoughts and worries and fears of the past were flooding our minds and prayers for my Dad this time around.

Much to our relief and grateful hearts, when Dad came out of the angiogram, the doctor said that no stents and no bypass needed.  They used the balloon technique to basically push the plaque buildup up against the artery walls, so the blood can flow at the normal pace.  Dad was heavily sedated but he wasn't "put under"... it was because of this groggy feeling that even though the doctor released my Dad late this evening, Dad wasn't in any condition to drive.  I'm hoping my Dad gets a really good rest.  He can take a shower tomorrow, but no swimming for five days, because he can't submerge where the wound from the angiogram took place.  Dad is home - tired, sore, groggy - every bump on the road home made him wince... but he is HOME!  Very thankful that my Dad is okay and thankful for the love that my parents share.

At the same time while this was going on, my son was going to his very first day of summer camp - away from mommy and daddy and his grandparents.  My head told me that this is a good thing for my son, that my son is ready for this, but my heart was crying.  My worry was on high alert - what if someone was mean to my son, what if my son bit another child, what if my son hated it or didn't eat or refused to play....

When we arrived to Kehoe France summer camp, Gregory was pulling and grabbing at the doors!  He couldn't wait to get inside (having been there before for open house and parents meet and greet - he had a good feeling for the place)...  The doors were locked because "before care" was going on and the doors won't open until exactly 8:30am.  When they did open the doors, my son shot through them and went directly to the area that he was supposed to be in.  His "Indian tribe" group name is Walla Walla.

Gregory saw another boy that was there for before care playing with toy cars and Gregory immediately went in for the toys.  Greg and I stayed for a little while, watching.  Gregory probably didn't even notice when we left.

Throughout the day, I thought, "Okay, Gregory should be swimming" or "he should be having music or art right now" or "I wonder if he is taking his nap, did he eat anything?"  I worried about him so much.  When we arrived to pick him up, there was a slew of other watching, eager parents.  We walked up to the front door and saw the kids sitting down, lined up against the hallway inside the building.  So many children were crying they little eyes out.  We saw Gregory.  He was crying too, not bawling, but not happy either.  I wanted to scream, "My child is crying!"  I called out his name, I couldn't help myself.  He got right up and ran to me.  I picked him up and the teacher gave me his "report card."  I didn't look at it until after we were halfway to the car.

I had to put him down, because he is a heavy child now.  That's okay, Greg wanted to hold his little boy the rest of the way to the car.  Gregory's first "daily report card" was great - but we do wonder how true it is?  Or was it just that the teachers were in a rush to fill it out and wanted to relieve the parents?  Either way, I'm taking it and going to believe it.  Lol.

A lot of worrying today.  A lot of fears.  A lot of prayers.

And a LOT of things to be grateful for!!

Blessings - when you remember what truly is important in life - your loved ones!

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