Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cuteness Overload

Today was Gregory's second day at summer camp.  My parents brought him to camp, so I could get to work early.  Missing yesterday at work, during billing time, is not a good idea, but family is a priority and thankfully I work for a law firm that works with their employees in times of need.

My parents said that it was easy to bring Gregory to camp - no tears, no fears.  He went right in.  And they picked him up no problems too.  Another day of perfect reporting, but I have my doubts.  I think he did play well and slept well, because he certainly is not tired when he gets home.  BUT.... he is STARVING when he gets home, so when they circled that he ate well, meh..  I find it difficult to believe.  My son is a picky eater.  I was hoping that buying the lunch program would give him a sense of "peer pressure" as he watched over kids eating.  Maybe by the end of summer he will open up to eating other foods and not coming home SO hungry.

He did get a sticker though, so I imagine it was a good day for him and the camp instructors!

Gregory knows that I keep certain toys in my bedroom.  They are smaller toys, so I don't like for these particular toys to be found underfoot throughout the house.  Keeping them in my room specifically, helps to limit where I will find them later.

I took out the camera Greg gave me for Christmas - D5200 and had some fun.  Gregory got a little annoyed with the camera going off every few minutes, but he tolerated it well enough.  Mainly because of the toys.  Lol.  Ready for cuteness overload?

And just for something a little different... I thought this plant at my parents' home was really pretty:

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