Saturday, May 30, 2015

Letter to my Son

Dear Son,

Did you know that your great-grandmother, MawMaw, is Cajun French?  When she was a little girl, she spoke French, but she doesn't remember most of the language now.  I mention this because of a conversation that took place on Mother's Day.  We were at your Daddy's family gathering.  Your younger cousin, Alivia, was carried into her bedroom with words of "make do-do." (Pronounced "dough dough" not "doo doo")

The conversation went to "where does do-do" come from?  We have all heard of the Fais do-do - the dance and come to find out, it's derived from this Cajun dance.  Fais (pronounced "Fay") means to "make" and do-do means to "go to sleep"...  women went to dances with their husbands and children. The mothers would bring the children to the cry room and say "Fais do-do" (go to sleep quickly) to the children before their husbands could dance with another woman.  There, a quick history lesson.  And now we know :)

Not the day of Mother's Day, but the day after, you said, "Mahhhhhhhhh" - it was heartwarming and sweet.  I think you thought Mommy's name was "Scream for her" - because you knew I'd come running.  It's nice to hear you say the words, even though you still have a difficult time with the "m" sound.

This is your "I'll help you walk" Mommy and Daddy look.

You love to sit at the end of the bed, feet dangling down, between Mommy and Daddy.  You pull us all together in a group hug and Daddy says, "Kiss attack!"

It's fascinating to see how you grow.. first, your head gets bigger, then your torso and lastly, your legs. You have a dangerous reach now.

We haven't started official potty training yet.  We bring you to the toilet and you point to it.  We talk about it and ask you if you have to pee or pooh and you say, "Nah, nah, nah" (no, no, no).  The other day, Granny said that you stuck your head in the toilet, not far enough to touch the water thankfully.  But hey, that's the wrong end, kiddo!

Picture below taken inside of Oma and Opa's shower - well, it's the bathroom and it's a seat.

Your Uncle Rob and Aunt Roda came in town.  You followed Uncle Rob around and wanted to micmic what he did.  With my brother in town, I thought of our childhood... the telephone rotary dialing, having the patience for the numbers to complete the circle.... the huge boxy computers.  Uncle Rob with have to show you the antiquated TRS80 that he still has.  Uncle Rob introduced me to BBS (bulletin board systems) - I remember the screech of the line noise and plugging the phone into it to get online.  What will technology look like when you are an adult?

Daddy and Mommy were raised in the "you have to be patient" - long lines to register for college campus classes, etc.  How will you learn patience and not become furious when you don't get instant gratification?  I see that now in you when the iPad doesn't have Internet connection.  Are you already spoiled to the fast pace of modern technology?

My friends tell me that their children are "plugged in" - not so much involved in social activities, more so with the computer, games, etc.  Being that you are an only child and mostly around adults, this worried me for your social skills.  But during Aunt Roda's baby shower, you did very well with many people and children at the party.  I posted a bunch of pictures on Facebook of the shower.  Here, I'll share just a few (some taken from Aunt Erica, because she takes some awesome pictures!)

"Mommy what are you doing?"  Making tissue pom pom's for the decorations at Roda's shower.

Mommy also made punch

And the cake.  (Roda made the cupcakes).  Mommy also found blue M&M, which you really liked.  And Mommy found blue gummy bears, which Uncle Rob liked.

Aunt Roda and Uncle Rob

Everyone asked where I found the sash - Amazon!

Rob showing how to eat a fruit.

Their dog, Gumbo - Rob said, "Should have been named Kugo" but eventually Gumbo liked me too.

You love to "pretend to fix things."  You take this job very seriously!

Just recently we went to McDonald's, not because we like the food, but because you enjoy the little gym they have.  It was raining outside, so an indoor gym was a good idea.  It was empty at first, but then three older girls came in and played.  You desperately wanted to play with them.  You'd chase after them, yelling, "TAG!"  But as older girls will often times do, they ignored you.  At one point, the girls were getting very loud.  You held a finger to your lips and went, "SHHHH!"  One of the girls' moms came in and gave a "talking to" to the gaggle of females.  As she was straightening them up, you reached your hand out and said, "Tag" to the mom... she was in front of you and your hand was going straight for her butt!  Daddy had to call you to him quickly, while Mommy busted out laughing!

Soon, another group of children showed up, younger kids this time.  There was a boy who wanted to get to the second level, but then cried for his mommy when he got there.  You walked to him, waved your hand and said "hi" but he was too shy.  Later, when you laid down on your stomach on one side of the screen, the boy did the same thing.  It was cute to see the interaction.  He was 2 as well, but shorter and stockier.

We couldn't stay much longer though, because you bent your knees and put your hands on your knees.  We thought you might have hurt your legs.  Then your face squished up and Mommy told Daddy, "Ohhh, we know what that means!"  You suddenly ran to a corner and Mommy said, "Yes!  The first sign that he is ready to potty train!"  When a child goes into a corner to "pooh" it's supposed to be the first "sign" to look for.

Of course, we went to Sams today to buy diapers.  So expensive!  Daddy said, "You better not get potty trained until after you use all of these diapers!"

You are still a picky eater and it doesn't help that Mommy is trying new recipes.  But I have to say this.... it made my day when Daddy wrote this on Facebook:

I love that my wife tries new things. She has never before considered herself a cook...(and because I had little to no evidence to rely on.. neither have I) but now...only because when we she does try... she knocks it out of the park... home made tomato sauces, stuffed zucchini boats, oven baked parmesan chicken tenders (which she made for me the evening she broke the news to me that she was preggers with our boy!), stuffed bell peppers, mexican chicken and rice casserole, and now... NOW she made oven baked fajitas which were OUT-FREAKING-STANDING! This was by far the best thing yet. And they are even better the next day. On top of all of this she balances a job and cleaning up after two slobs that are the men in her life. Incredible.

Below, I will share three links - for recipes and... following, asking those who might read this for prayers....

Here are the recipe links, just click on the name of the recipes and it will bring you to my food blog:
Korean Beef (newest recipe tried)
Oven Fajitas (the one my husband wrote about above)
Baby Shower Punch 

Prayer Request:

Roda's mom recently passed away.  Please keep Roda and her family in your prayers, to lift up their spirits, to support them and bring them peace.

My Dad is going in for an angiogram on June 8th.  We know there is blockage, but we don't know to what degree.  Most likely he will need stints.  Please keep my dad in your prayers.

For my son.... I pray you find a relationship with God, for strength, courage, love, support and guidance.  You will be amazed at how much this will help you through the ups and downs of life changes.

Sweet Son, when you think you don't have what everyone else has, when you feel lost in your path, when life gets you down, focus on Love.  People who love you will help light that inner candle in your soul.  It's the most beautiful thing in this world.... may we always give you the light that you have shined in our hearts.

Love Always,

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