Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter

I day early, but I thought I'd sneak this post in to wish everyone a Happy Easter and post some Gregory pictures (of course)!  Included in this post is a picture of Gregory with the Easter Bunny :)

We went to Chucke Cheese.  He doesn't play things over there, but loves the action and seeing all the lights of the games.

Greg said, "It's amazing that with all these things to entertain Gregory, all he wants is to be next to Mommy"  Made my day.

We decided to go to Clearview Mall to get pictures with the Easter Bunny.  But the bunny was taking a 10 minute carrot break.  Gregory snuck under the bars and into the bunny's photo area.  He picked up a huge egg and was very proud!  We had to get help to get him out.  Lol.

As entertainment, we walked around the mall and up and down a ride :)

Gregory found a pillow he liked in Bed, Bath and Beyond.. put it on the floor, then did this...

Waiting in line for the bunny.  He wasn't patient.  He was at the entrance, then decided to go around the photo booth area to the exit and tried to sneak in.  I picked him up and he started to cry.  

Daddy flipped Gregory to get him happy and then we found a real bunny, which had Gregory laughing and cooing.

At first, Gregory didn't know if he wanted to sit with the Easter Bunny.  So, he grabbed two eggs next to the seat and handed them to the bunny - very sweet.  Then Greg picked our little boy, put him on the bunny's lap and tickled Gregory.  Perfect picture!

Afterwards we visited Oma and Opa - new toys!

Gregory loved watering the plant

Oma was tickled that the outfit we took pictures in was the one she gave for his birthday gift.

Last weekend, on Saturday, Jefferson Parish Parent Bloggers, hosted an Easter Egg hunt at the local YMCA.  They had breakfasts, an Easter bunny, two bounce houses and eggs.  Gregory spent almost all of the time in the BOUNCE HOUSE!  Once he took his socks off, he did really well in traction and moving around.  He didn't want to leave the bounce house, so he missed the call for the easter egg hunt.  But in the meantime, Greg did win a raffle for bringing Gregory to Gym Rompers :)  Here are some pictures of the event:

If not the bouncy house, the bouncy ball :)

When we got home, he didn't want to go inside; he climbed right into the wagon.

That evening, we went to visit with Erica, Kevin and their children, Cameron, Layla and Celeste

The kids had a balloon fight and Gregory was right in it.  I was thrilled to see him participating in the fun with the kids!

We went to Lafreinere Park afterwards.  Gregory played "tag" with the kids.  There were even some other kids at the park playing soccer and they shared the ball with our group.  It was a perfect park visit!

This past week, Oma and Opa hid Easter eggs in their yard so Gregory could practice finding them.  Not only did he find them, but after his nap, when I went to pick him up.... Gregory showed me that he could open the eggs .... and .... that Gregory learned a new word, "Can" for Candy.


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