Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter at Maw Maw's and Easter Morning

My grandmother hosted an early Easter gathering at her home on Saturday.  It was wonderful to see family.  Lots of fun things to do and see for Gregory!

Oh oh.... starting with the sugar the minute he steps foot into Maw Maw's house! He remembered where the M&M machine was located in the corner.

FUN!  An Easter egg tree!

Look, Mommy.  I found Opa's basket that he used when he was a little boy!

And I can put ALL sorts of things in the basket.

Oma is setting up pink and blue streamers for R&R's FaceTime to see if they are having a boy or girl.

Walking outside on Maw Maw's property

He tried to get into the tub.  Lol.

Love this next picture - Gregory loved being in Opa's driver's seat.  He has a co-pilot too!

Stopping for an ice break

Time to go in for more M&Ms

Yeah!  Relatives arrive!

Once everyone arrived, Oma gets on the phone to FaceTime with R&R.  They had a gender cake made and wanted to cut the cake while everyone was at the gathering.

R&R announce that they are having a boy!

This is the "no no" house - because Maw Maw has a LOT of stuff in her home.  Maw Maw once told me, "Why should I put everything away.  I have lived this long and I want to enjoy the things that I have.  I want to see them."  Gregory wants to see everything too and play with them.  It was the 'no no, don't touch, put that back, do NOT walk backwards, that's not a toy.' visit.  Lol.  But Gregory still managed to have a blast!

Look Mommy, there's even stuff in the window shelf!

Oh Oh, here comes Maw Maw!

They caught a BIG fish and Gregory wanted to touch it.

Gregory shook his hands after touching the fish - slimy!  lol

Aunt Diane had a gift for Gregory - he loves gifts

Sharing peeps with Oma

Oh oh, I don't know if we can play with that

Izzy was the protector of the delicate stuff

The hunt is on!

Aww, Izzy sharing with Gregory

Look who is here!

High Five with the bunny!

Maw Maw and her great grandchildren!

Aw, Maw Maw had her babies

Maw Maw and her grandchildren

Caleb holding Gregory - he's great with kids!

Gregory giving the bunny a kiss

Ah, the long standing tradition of breaking hard boiled eggs

Back at home - Gregory drinking from a cup - no straw, no sip cup!

Easter bunny left some gifts last night - this is Easter morning

Ohhhhhh, it's a toy Camera!  Gregory loved this one the most.  He gets that from Mommy :)

This is what toy overload looks like.  Lol.  

Now to get ready for Easter Lunch with Greg's family.  Do you think it will be difficult to get him away from the new toys??

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