Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Derbes Law Firm

I love my job :)  Everyone at the office is great and each day I work there is a confirmation that it's a blessing to be there.

Recently the law firm participated in a cook off to support the pro bono cases.  Greg and I painted the huge canvas for the booth.  We started the painting in February and the cook off was in March.

The canvas started at the front door, went around the corner, the entire dining room wall and around the corner into the hallway.

By the front door.

Painting the sky

Joy, who heads up the booth work, came by the see how the progress was coming along.  She liked it.

Time for clouds

Water is in and the outline of the shrimp boat is blocked out.

As a joke, Greg put Al Derbes picture in the boat window.  Joy and I loved the idea, so it came to be.

Shrimp boat coming to life.

Boat water reflection complete, background land complete and working on the nets.

I painted the birds :)  Do you see the small shrimp boat in the distance?  Love that Greg added that touch of depth as well.

It was fun to paint :)

On the day of the cook off, several attorneys and their family members met at our home to pick up the booth frame and other various items we needed.  Then off to City Park for the set up.

Chefs are cooking a short distance from the booth.

Kim, my crafty friend, made the burlap table cloth and painted a shrimp on each side.

Michelle posing with the boat

Melanie giving the booth hats to her daughters.

Me and My Sweetheart

We had nets, grass weeds, plastic seagulls and ice chests to add to the shrimp boat theme; and music too :)

Greg looking at me "you did not just volunteer me to paint again next year!"  lol

The cook off was fun, the company fantastic and the atmosphere of camaraderie was priceless.  It was a perfect environment for Greg to get to know the firm's attorneys and staff better, which made the next party even more enjoyable.  A few days after the cook off, The Derbes Law Firm hosted a lovely party for Albert Derbes' III retirement (founder of the firm) and celebrating the 20th anniversary of the firm.  The party was held at the Heritage Grill.  I didn't take many pictures, because Greg said, "people won't want flashes going off."  Ah well.... we do have some "getting ready for the party pictures"

Caroline came over to babysit while we went to the party.  

I like how the grandfather clock frames Greg's head :)

Derbes Dames :)  

It was enjoyable being able to mingle in the crowd and see how comfortable Greg was with everyone.  With all the variety of personalities, it's truly amazing how well the firm works together.  It's just not something that is typical in any business, but they make it work and make it seem effortless.   Love the work I do, the people I work with, the training I've received and the ability to learn new things!

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