Saturday, March 28, 2015

Spring is in the Air

The above picture is the "cover picture" I just posted on Facebook.  Couldn't resist that saying - perfect for Gregory.  They say a picture "is worth a thousand words..."  I have a few thousand coming your way!!

At Mike Miley he climbed the way to the top of the rock climbing wall!

When Gregory saw another child at the end of the tunnel, he screamed and held up his hand!

Not big on the tricycle yet

See what he is holding?  Gregory is a hoarder!  He carries as many toys as he can and won't share.

But he loves to help out around the house and yard!

OK, next picture is cute and sad.  Gregory is learning the spider monkey cling.  But when Daddy flipped Gregory over, Gregory didn't want to let go of his toys and at the bottom of the flip, his head made contact with the tile floors.  No bleeding, bruise yes, tears yes, but he is fine.  The background picture will be explained in a different blog post :)

"This is what I have Daddy."

I'm sure the neighbors aren't thrilled with this.....

But Gregory had a blast!

Stacking rocks on swings

He is already an engineer, like his Daddy!

Fourth hair cut (second at the hair salon).  Daddy said, "Nobody should cry alone"

My sweet son is growing up

Had to take off his shirt, too much hair on it.

Playground time again :)

Gregory loves these steps.  There are four of them, spaced out rather far apart.  It doesn't matter that he isn't big enough to make walk on all four, by golly he is going to do it (with help).

Loves running to the carousel... not riding on the horses though

The cat got in the back of the stroller.  Gregory thought he should join him.

When Granny was in the hospital, Gregory walked the halls.  We couldn't bring Gregory into the emergency room where she was, so we took turns on walking Gregory and visiting Granny.  She's well and her test came back good.  We're thinking it might have been stressed related.  Thanks everyone for the prayers!

Look who is no longer in a high chair!

Thinking inside the box.

Walking in Mommy's shoes

Here's daddy's nose!

My new hair stylist

Spring time is spring cleaning time and we have a little helper!

Bubbles, Bubbles, Toil and who is getting into Trouble?

Loves Mommy's hair

Gregory thinks we should redecorate the kitchen cabinets.... with his hot wheel cars!  We found three cars on the cabinet drawers like this....

Speaking of cars, he climbs right into the drivers seat

He problem solves on how to get into a high bed by moving steps.

He knows that he can hide and seek under sheets (and thinks this works too..uhh, I just can't tell him that I can see him)

Next picture is Donna (speech therapist) with Gregory.  She did the full evaluation on Gregory.  Unfortunately (or "fortunately" as she said), Gregory does not qualify for the Early Steps.  A child has to have a minimum of two "low" categories.  Gregory's only low category was in speech (clearly, because he only knows a handful of words)... otherwise, he does great in responsiveness, cognitive ability, motor skills and fine motor skills.  In two of the categories he scored above average and in the others at least average (right where he should be) and speech - below.  Donna advised us to be firm and require Gregory to give us words - give him two options to choose from but don't give him either (food, drink, toys, etc) unless he says SOMETHING near to the word.  Such as "ilk" for Milk or attempt to make the sound "o" for orange crayon.  It's going to be hard on Gregory and worse on us, because Gregory will throw temper tantrums.  But tough love, it is.  Donna said that clearly Gregory CAN speak and she said he is very intelligent, so there's no reason he shouldn't pick up on talking.  Yep, we have a smart fart.

On our walk, Gregory saw a basket ball goal down and ran to it.

I went to the other side of the glass...

Rocky Balboa in the making!

Too cool

Too much fun.  Lol

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