Thursday, March 12, 2015

Some favorite pictures

Before I show the favorite pictures, a quick story.  On Monday, as I was getting ready for work, I heard a loud BOOM - it was so loud, I thought someone was breaking into our home!  I ran around the house, trying to found out what had made the noise.  Tigger, our cat, was running around too.  I couldn't find anything.... then I went into my husband's "man cave" - looked down and saw the three wheel stroller we have for Gregory... one of the wheels exploded!  I left everything where it was and sent a text to Greg.

He asked if I moved the stroller.  No, I was getting ready for work.  Greg came home and found the other two pieces of the tire rim on the other side of the office.  He said he was thankful I wasn't hurt and we're both thankful Gregory wasn't in the room when it happened or in the stroller.  Greg did some research and come to find out, the tires are on recall - because of the potential to explode.  They are sending us three new tires.  Scary.

I'm always saying my son is the light of my life.  He's making a true statement of it now!

Two pictures that received a lot of comments on Facebook.

I love this next picture.  Gregory is inside, reaching for the door handle, eager for Mommy to pick him up.  I'm outside taking the picture - love his expression and the reflections in the door.

After I took the below picture, my husband grabbed my phone and posted it on Facebook with his comment:  "Dad! You should have stayed last night for the rest of the party Dude! It was totally off the hook! There were strippers and garbage cans of booze and... Did I mention the strippers?!"  

My son is an independent little boy now.  He likes doing things on his own and in his own way.  So, when he wants to snuggle and fall asleep, it's precious and I treasure these moments.

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