Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pictures and Recipes and Beaded Bunny

Well, you know the pictures will be about Gregory ~ ready for Gregory overload?

One Sunday morning we went to iHop for breakfast.  Gregory liked the pancakes.  The waitress put the blueberry sauce on the side.  Gregory enjoyed it by dipping his fingers into the sauce and licking his fingers.

Afterwards we visited the Kenner Hall City Park, but the ground had a lot of puddles, so we didn't stay for long.

Just as we were leaving the park, we saw Gregory doing the "choo choo" signal with his arm.  He heard the train whistle before we did!  So, we had to go train chasing.

I want Mommy!

Think we tired our son out?  He normally doesn't take a nap until noon.  This day he was out at 10:45am!

Gregory slept and Daddy shopped!  New toy!

Found a fun way to get our picky eater to eat!

Feeding the dino and then he ate the food.

Oh no!  Dino got stuck in the basket ball hoop.

Handy helper in the kitchen.  Gregory takes the plates out of the dish washer and gives them to Daddy.

I posted 4 new recipes on my food blog.  Check them out here.

I also just recently beaded a bunny necklace.  I think it came out really cute, but my husband doesn't like the cheeks on the bunny.  See the bunny necklace here.

Gregory also recently had his initial consultation with a case worker from Early Steps.  Per our pediatricians recommendations, we are trying to get Gregory into the program primarily for speech therapy.  The first meeting is just to validate if the case worker thinks there is a possibility that the child might qualify of a full evaluation.  Melody, our case worker, is recommending Gregory for the full eval, which will take place next week.

I'm hoping Gregory gets into the program.  I've heard a lot of good things about it and anything that can help my son and help us help him is valuable to me, as I'm sure it would be for any parent.  Gregory is a smart boy, but his progress with talking is a concern and if someone can help, then I'm all for it!

I'll blog more about the details of the first meeting after Gregory goes through his full evaluation and if he qualifies.

Gregory recently went to Francois' 4th birthday party.  Francois' parents rented a huge bouncy house! Gregory LOVED it  He thought it was even better when Oma was there with him too.  The house was so big there was a slide inside the bouncy house.  Gregory couldn't get enough of it.  We knew he was getting tired and it was time to go, but he screamed because he didn't want to leave.  Next year at Gregory's birthday party, we're going to rent a bounce house.

Meet Adeline.  She wasn't shy about talking with Gregory and he responded very well.  He liked her immediately!

Gregory's first bite of whip cream.  He was hooked!

Daddy bought a big bubble maker.  Gregory loved the bubbles!

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