Tuesday, March 17, 2015

More about Gregory

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Gregory Patrick showing his Green Irish genes :)
Gregory's shirt mentions him going to be a big cousin (he is already to Alivia, 
but he has two new cousins - Corrie's little baby girl due soon and Roda's baby due later this year)

Loves Mommy's hair.

I should rename this blog "Gregory's Life."  I wonder if he will be able to see this blog when he gets older.  Will it still be around?  Should I print it?

It's been raining a lot lately.  Gregory loves going for a walk.  When faced with the puddles in the street, he came to a stand still.  He didn't want to go back home, but he didn't know if he should go through the puddles.  I didn't offer any suggestions and just watched.  Gregory looked forward, looked at me, raised his hands in the air.  Then he walked in the grass and around the puddle.  Little problem solver.

Daddy chasing Gregory.  Gregory loves it!

This next picture makes me smile.  We have a lot of cats in the neighborhood that are friendly.  Gregory got down low and then offered his hand out, palm up, just like he sees Mommy and Daddy doing.

Ahhh, now this isn't a puddle.  This is a mountain!    It didn't take long for Gregory to conquer and become King of the Hill!

Back at home, playing with rocks.  The simple pleasures in life, to stack rocks on a swing.  I was impressed, given that the swing can move and he put a lot of rocks on it.

At bath time, Gregory will point to different body parts - eyes, ears, nose, hands, feet, belly button.  He even knows where his butt is.  But not his penis.  I busted out laughing and said, "No son, your penis is not on your cheek!"  So when he started playing with said part, I repeatedly said, "That's your penis."  Daddy said, "Mommy just likes saying the word!"

During the day, when Mommy and Daddy are working, Gregory will sometimes go to the Palmtree Playground.  One little girl wanted to climb on something that her mommy didn't want her to go on.  The girl ignored her mom and her punishment was going in a corner for time out.  The girl cried, loudly.

Gregory got up from where he was... scooted along the wall and came up close to the girl.  Gregory leaned down, put his fingers to his lips and went, "SHHHHHHHH!   SHHHHHHHH!"  I laughed so hard when I heard about this.  It's like Gregory was saying, "Hey, you're too loud.  You're ruining this for the rest of us." I wouldn't say there was a lot of compassion in his reaction, but it was funny.

Mommy put a swimmers cap on Gregory and then he played hide and seek in the store.

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