Saturday, December 6, 2014

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

It's been a difficult few weeks.  You and Daddy were sick at the same time.  Daddy got well after a few days, but when we brought you to the doctor, the test came back positive for Flu.  Yesterday in the news, the reporter said that Louisiana has the most cases of flu.  You even had the flu shot, but apparently, it wasn't for the right strand.  You seem on the mend now, though the coughing and running nose remains.  You run a fever from time to time, but it's not consistent.

It's no wonder about the sickness out there.  Even Mommy got a sinus infection... the weather is back and forth.  Today we are wearing shorts.  In December....  and next week we will probably need jackets.  This is our winter, sweet boy... cold only when the cold fronts make it far enough south.

To back track a few days ago, on Black Friday, we made an attempt to go shopping as a family.  Oma and Opa were out of town and they asked us to go to Copelands for the Black Friday deal they were offering on gift cards.  We saw the line, but figured it would move quickly.  It was a cold day then...  Daddy waited outside in the line, while we stayed in the car.  You didn't want to remain in the car seat.

Even after Mommy took you out of the carseat, you were an unhappy child.  You screamed so much I thought for sure people in the line would come running to the car.

Mommy did the best she could to keep you entertained for an hour and a half.  Yes, it took Daddy that long to get the gift cards.  The lines were that crazy.  Here's a life lesson, don't go shopping on Black Friday.  Mommy did get some smiles from you.  You played with her sunglasses, the seat belt, Mommy's hair.  We turned grumpy time into fun time.

There are some bonuses to you not feeling well... you became a velcro child.  Normally you are independent, wanting to explore, run, play as you want and there are moments when you want to hug and cuddle... but when you aren't feeling well, you are a snuggle child.  You want to be in Mommy's or Daddy's lap.  And at night, you wrapped your arm and leg around Mommy's arm and put your head on Mommy's shoulder.  Very sweet... until the coughing wakes you up... sharing your germs on Mommy.

We knew you were starting to feel better when you played more with your toys.  Will you ever have enough toys?  Daddy thinks so already.  Hehe.  Even when you play with toys, you are sweet.  You like to share the toys, bringing us cars, plastic veggies, etc.  Oh, but when you tried to peel the plastic banana, Mommy had to laugh!

Your words are clear, cat, car, truck, iPad.  But not "mommy" or "daddy"...  You know how to show us what you want.  We ask you a question, "Do you want to get out of the bath tub?"  You swing your head from side to side, "No."  (Daddy likes the next picture.  He said, "Gregory looks like he is playing fetch.")

You are leaning back more and more in the tub too.

Our Christmas tree is up!  Daddy did the honors.  Mommy was sick and you were still fighting the flu.  It was the weekend after Black Friday.  Daddy felt better and he was in the Christmas mood.  You'll learn how much Daddy is like a child during Christmas time.  It's one of the things Mommy loves about Daddy; his Joy of the Season.  This Christmas you are more into the decorations.  You like the lights on tree.  You want to explore the new things we decorated with.

I think Santa already has some toys made for you.  You are on the "Nice List" - I'm sure of it!

But there's something I should warn you about.  When your Daddy was a little boy, his parents told him, "See the vents on the ceiling?  Santa's elves live there throughout the year to see if you are being good or not."  Don't believe it!  Santa's elves are too busy making toys during the year :)

You have grown so much.  You waive "bye bye" even before you hear the words.  If you know we are leaving, you waive.  You blow kisses too by putting your hand to your mouth, making the smooch sound and throw your hand out.  Mommy and Daddy get a big kick out of this.

I'm glad you are feeling better, but we are keeping a close eye on the cough and running nose.  (Oh, you love to squeeze noses.  Daddy makes a loud HONK sound when you squeeze his nose and you laugh.)  Today you didn't have a fever and the weather was nice.  After breakfast we took you to the park.  We even saw some fall colors while you played.

Open the park gate Mommy.  When we walked from the parking lot to the gate, you held on to Mommy's hand and to Daddy's hand.  So sweet.

You love the water fountain.

Daddy likes this next picture, "He looks like he is posing."  No, just a good chance shot by Mommy :)

Look, we made a new friend, Ken.

Mommy likes this next picture, even though it's backlit.

Come here Mommy

You love going to the park, lots of places to run and explore.

Aunt Yaya gave you a haircut, but you'll be needing another one soon.  That was an experience.  You don't like anyone messing with your hair.. or nose... and heaven forbid if we try to wipe your face after you eat!

Sitting like a big boy.

Little legs hanging off of the chair makes Mommy smile

You grab on to the poles and pull really hard and make grunting sounds.  You think you are Super Boy, able to lift everything.

Our weather in Louisiana might be off at times, though technically we ARE still in the fall season.... but mornings like this, well it's a sweet blessing.  It makes Mommy and Daddy happy that you enjoy the outside so much.  We hope the park time helped to get some fresh air into your lungs.  Keep smiling, son... you make this world beautiful.

Love Always,


Holly Jahangiri said...

Sweet boy! He's growing up so fast, Aleta. I hope he's all well and fully recovered from the flu. I remember my son and I having it when he was about a year old, and neither of us had the energy to get up off the floor. When we finally made it to the doctor, his pediatrician said he was mostly over it and on the mend, but took one look at me and sent me straight to MY doctor for flumadine. I can only recall having the flu twice, but both times were "near-death experiences" - or certainly FELT that way.

Holly Jahangiri said...

Oh - by the way - I just restarted that "1000 Words + a Photo" challenge. Very casual, monthly, multiple entries are fine, if you're interested. It was just you and me, the last few times, so I thought I'd drop you a personal note and let you know. :D