Saturday, October 18, 2014

Letter to My Son

Dear Son,

Today was the perfect weather day to go to a fair and celebrate you turning 20 months.  You have been on quite a few carousel rides, so it's no surprise when you saw one at the St. Edward's fair, you kept pointing to it.  Daddy took you on the ride and Mommy played shutter bug.

You were a little squirmy at first.  You knew the horses went up and down, but there was a short wait before the ride started.  Once it did, you were very happy.  Next up and a first for you, the red apple ride that goes round and round.  You should know that if you go on this ride with Daddy in the future, he wants to spin it SUPER fast.  Mommy kept saying, "Slow it down, I don't want a sick child."  But it was more likely that Mommy was the one feeling queazy.

Of course we had to go on the ferris wheel.  Interestingly enough, Daddy (who loves roller coasters) does not trust the ferris wheel!  This is a nice calm ride that Mommy likes and you enjoyed it too!  Your first time on the ferris wheel :)

I think one of the great things about having a child, is you get to be a child again at theses types of events.

Oma said that Mommy probably has every expression of your's on camera.  It's possible.

Here you are, with a frown....  "Which Cheerio should I eat first?  How many can I stuff in my mouth at once?"

And here you are with a fake cry.  Mommy was sitting in the bed with you and picked up the toy that you wanted.  You cried for 2 seconds and then started laughing again.

When we go to Caffe Latte Da, after eating you walk straight to the door and wait for us to open it.  Then you either will stop at the flowers for a second or go immediately to the outside chairs and table.  You love to sit there like a big boy.  You sitting in the chair and relaxing has become a ritual after breakfast.

I call this next one your "cat content" look.

The below picture is your "zoning out" look.  You and Daddy are watching kids apps on his iPad.

Here you are telling Daddy, "Take me with you" while he is packing for his work related trips.

You are very flexible.  I think this is a Yoga pose?

You might start driving before some adults that I know!

Uncle Rene came in town for a wedding and was able to visit with us.  You were ready to take our beignet order!

In this next picture, you are meeting your beautiful baby cousin for the first time.  Here's Mommy holding her great niece Alivia (love her name) and giving you a kiss.

This is your concentration but tickled look.  You are turning the pages of a Mickey Mouse pop up book.

The day begins with watching Mickey Mouse; he's your favorite...  Though you love it when Daisy Duck tries to get her pretend doctor's sticker.  You giggle when she starts singing, "Does your head hurt?  Do your shoulders hurt?  Do you knees hurt?  Then what's the matter?"

After your bath at night, you enjoy Paw Patrol.  There's one show where the pups are chasing bunnies and it makes you laugh as the bunnies pop in and out of the bunny holes in the ground.

You have a big boy bed, a full size.  The night routine is "musical beds."  Mommy will stay with you in your bed until you fall asleep, then she goes to her room.  Then in the middle of the night, typically around 1am or 2am, you wake up and wake up the household to join Mommy in her room.  Hopefully you will feel more comfortable over time with staying in your own room through the night.

Every day you grow, learn new things, watch carefully, play roughly, hug sweetly and teach us more and more about love.  You are our blessing!

Love Always,

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