Sunday, August 24, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 9 Wedding Plans

After the wildlife preserve, we drove to the place where Deanna and Burkley will be married.  It's on a beautiful large area of land with farm homes that have been converted to the reception hall, main house for the bridal party, other homes for relatives and the woods where the wedding will take place.  Deanna asked for us to get a tour of the place.  It's going to be wonderful!  Plus, Deanna's uncle Alex will be marrying them.  How awesome.  Here are some pictures.  I can't show the land or the wedding place area, per Deanna's request.  She wants it to be a surprise :)

In the houses they had toys - oh boy!

This is how they said to potty train.  Hehe.

Back at Holly's home, the bridesmaids got together with Deanna and tried on their dresses.  Holly bought the dresses during her trip to Italy!  When I saw the bridesmaids and then Deanna came in the room in her wedding gown, I got teary-eyed.  I remember when she was a baby.  She's a beautiful bride! 

Gregory and Juliette had more time to play together.  Gregory actually played with Juliette's hair and she didn't get upset with it.  Juliette played with Gregory's iPad and Gregory didn't get upset with it (I thought for sure Gregory would have a fit about her having his iPad, because he hasn't learned the idea of "sharing" too well just yet.)

Bridal Party:
Quinn, Deanna, Gregory, Rocky, Juliette, Martina, April
Deanna and Burkley are having a Weekend Affair.  There is also another little girl who will be a flower girl too, but she's not in this picture.

Here's a video with the bridesmaids saying they will dance this way down the aisle.  Lots of laughter this night!

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