Saturday, August 16, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 5 Petting Farm

Next morning, Gregory is playing with toys, waiting for the crew to come downstairs and go.  At Holly's home she has her bedroom, full bath and office in the downstairs.  Holly gave up her bed for us, which was very kind.  This gave us privacy and no concerns of waking up the household if Gregory started crying or got up too early.  I felt sorry that Holly slept on the sofa.  They were very thoughtful and generous of their space, time and love!

For this day, we did a couple of things, first we went to the Petting Farm:

Gregory loved the animals!

The Donkey's name was Buddy.


Gregory sat in the grass.  I thought he was going to ignore the Donkey.  Instead, Gregory was moving the grass to find strands of hay.  He took the hay and fed the donkey!  Holly and I were both surprised that Gregory did this, because nobody was feeding the donkey before we got there.  Gregory was doing this on instinct?


The petting farm also had an area for kids to play in, with the Mother Goose stories.

No, No, Mommy, I don't want to go on a pony ride.  Awww...

Do you think we wore him out?

He slept through the ENTIRE meal.  I had the most delicious crab cakes for lunch.  Loved this restaurant!

More was done on this day, but that can wait for another post :)...... 

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