Thursday, August 14, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 4 Sandy Beach

Oh My Gosh, what a day this was!  We went to the beach.  Gregory learned what sand was really like and he ended up having a blast!

He was ready at the door to go.

Got lots of exercise at their home going up and down the stairs!

Meeting Rocky's daughter for the first time - Below - Rocky and Juliet.  Rocky is Erin's daughter.  Erin is Holly's sister. :)

When I sent the below picture to Greg, my husband sent a text back, "It's more like Romeo and Juliet!"  Too cute together.

The problem is that Gregory saw me leave to go in the other car.  We had to move him in the same car as me.

Ready for the beach pictures!!

Below is one of my favorite pictures.

Sandy Boy at Sandy Beach

A little shy of the waves at first.

In below picture, he looks like a picture in an ad for sunscreen!



We went to get something to eat after the fun at the beach.

Gregory was watching Juliet color.

When we got home, I washed Gregory's hair 4 times and still the sand was sticking to his scalp.  I told Deanna, "I'm open to suggestions."  She didn't know.  Holly suggested using a soft luffa towel that she had.  It lifted the sand and worked, Thankfully!

Funny note, when Gregory started having fun in the waves, he stomped into the water.  When I gave him a bath, normally he would sit down, but this time he stood up and stomped int he water, as if he was in the waves!

In the evening, Rocky came over and visited.  It was so sweet to watch Gregory and Juliet bond.

Love the Hugs

Holding Hands

All of this stimulation has been good for Gregory.  Holly, Deanna, Burkley and April heard Gregory saying words such as "Icky" for Mickey Mouse and "cook" for cookie and "uck" for "truck."  Gregory might have been over stimulated some days, but this has been great for him.  Just this one trip and I'm seeing a lot of advancements in him.

Gregory wasn't the only one sleeping - Deanna and Burkley below

It was a fun filled day and evening!  Such more laughter and joy :)

And there's more days to share :)

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