Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 3 Carousel and Trains

Wow, third post of this trip and it's the first planned day with Holly and her family.  I know, I know, I took too many pictures, but I can't help it.  It's in my blood :)

"Good Morning, Red Bird.  Good Morning, Red Bird."  You'll understand this if you watch Mickey Mouse ;)

Gregory loved the pretty wine bottles.  My cousin loves to go to vineyards and has a great collection. She just recently returned from Italy and shipped wine home from her trip.

We picked up Holly's mom, my aunt Willa, then picked up Popeyes (Yes, Popeyes in Maryland!) and went to a wonderful park.  I have to say that the weather was just incredibly.  Holly even remarked, "This feels like fall weather, even for us."  It stayed in the 70's the entire week!  At the picnic table, Gregory didn't want to sit down, can you tell?

When we put Gregory in the stroller, Holly said, "Do you remember the book I wrote... it started with being at the park and involved a wheel chair and stroller."

Love April's hair!

Deanna is called the "Baby Whisperer" and I believe it.  As I wrote earlier, my little boy doesn't like to hold hands when he walks.  But he was very happy to do so with Deanna.  They are walking towards the carousel.

Gregory has been on a few carousel rides now - the one by our home, the one in Georgia and now the one in Maryland.  At first he was afraid, but this time, he was eager to get on the horse.  Aunt Willa loved the music on the carousel and she clapped in time.  Gregory started to clap with her.  It was sweet.  Sorry, the pictures are in opposite order.  

Me, April, Gregory, Deanna, Willa

Holly, April, Gregory, Deanna, Willa

Deanna and Gregory

It was so cute how April jumped on the horse too.  She's a kid at heart!

Holly, April, Gregory, Deanna

Holly and her Mom

Gregory waiting for the ride.

Don't worry, he didn't get stuck! This is how eager he was!

He kept pointing to the carousel.


I'm not guilty of putting the flower in my son's hair this time!!!

The park also has a train ride.  On the way to the ride, Gregory saw a green balloon.  He loves balloons too.  Holly and I both took pictures of him reaching for the balloon and I said, "Your book also had "fishing for angels on a balloon"  How neat."  

The train ride was really nice.  It was a long ride, going through meadows, into tunnels, we saw deer. I was impressed that a park had such a nice train ride.  AND.... when the train went "Choo Choo", I did the train signal in the air along with the train sound.  Within seconds, Gregory was doing that too!

Group Selfie on train ride

The park was very large.  They had two sections for kids to play in as well, a place for the older kids and one for toddlers.  Gregory loved climbing on the animals.  When he got to the "sandbox," I told Deanna, "He won't know what to do with sand.  He's never played in it before."  There was a little boy there with two trucks in the sand.  He was sweet enough to share a toy truck with Gregory.  Deanna put sand in the truck.  Gregory looked at her like she lost her mind and promptly picked up the truck and shook the sand off of it.  Too funny.

While we were at the park, Holly reminisced, "We used to come here together as children when you visited, Aleta."  I didn't remember though.  Holly said she has pictures of us all together at the park when we were little.  I hope she can find those pictures. I'd love to see them.

It was a fun filled day.  We all relaxed back at home. But OHHHH, there's still more pictures to share from this day.  Take a deep breath and here we go!

Bella is the dog in this picture

Gift from Holly - this toy was made and bought in Italy during her trip there.

Deanna and April have a childhood memory - getting in a box and pulling each other around.  Gregory didn't want to get in the box, so Deanna got in the box to show Gregory.

But she got stuck and her sister helped her get out.  They were giggling up a storm!

Gregory got comfy in the box!

VIDEO I SENT TO GREG.  He wrote back, "Don't tease me!"

Michael, Holly's son, serving watermelon.  I should add that each night the kids cooked meals for us! YUMMY

Michael builds it and Gregory takes it down!

Our children.  Hollys:  Deanna, Michael, April.  Mine:  Gregory
At one point towards the end of the trip, I got teary-eyed when I shared, "I never thought this would happen, our children together.  I never thought it was a possibility.  This is a dream come true."  Throughout the visit, Holly said, "I'm having flashbacks to when my kids were little."


Means so very much to me to see the connection and bond with our kids.

That night, Holly took me to see a band and introduce me to her friend, Tim.  The kids babysat.

While we were listening to the band, Deanna sent the below picture - first time April changes a diaper.  April said, "I shouldn't be this close to a baby's butt."  Lol.

Aww, they bonded well!

Gregory didn't want to sleep until I got back - then he crashed!

More fun to share!  We did so much on this visit and this post was just the first day!

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