Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Maryland Vacation Part 10 Butler's Orchard

Early in the morning, our last day in Maryland.  Ready for some berry picking....

From Holly's kitchen window, we saw two deer in her backyard!  I grabbed my camera, took a picture and then did my "happy deer dance."  I have no idea what the dance looks like but it made Holly laugh.

Before we left, we took a picture of Gregory in Burkley's jeep.  "It's a male thing.  As if Gregory automatically knew he was in a cool car.  He put his hands on the steering wheel and didn't want to come out of the car."

I loved Butler's Orchard.  All week long we had fabulous weather (in the 70's).  I felt like a kid again.  Nothing sweeter than fruit that you picked.  In this post, I'm just going to share the blueberry part.  Afterwards, we played in the playground supplied by the orchard and also picked blackberries - that will be for the next post.

My husband loves old trucks, so I had to take a picture of Gregory in this one.

Holly ready to pick the blueberries

Gregory watched as Mommy picked the berries.  Then he wanted to pick them as well.

Holly said, "This entire time, we don't have a picture of us together."  I asked Deanna to fix that immediately!  I'm so glad she took this picture and the last one at the end of the post :)

"Mommy, this is a green one"

Holly and her daughters

I love how the blueberries have a variety of hues as they ripen.  

I don't know if he is putting a berry in the bucket or taking one out.

One of my favorite pictures:  left to right:  Holly, Gregory, Me


Mari said...

Looks like more fun! I love that picture of you and Gregory - so cute!

Anonymous said...

I live in AZ now, but I have fond memories of Butler's Orchard as a child and with my children. Loved picking strawberries and zinnias! Thanks for posting the pictures. :o)