Thursday, July 24, 2014

Visiting Time

We went to visit with Gregory's great-grandmother.  I think sometimes that Mawmaw's cane makes Gregory a little nervous, because he gets shy about it.  

Gregory and his grandmother, Oma:

Gregory and his great-grandmother, Mawmaw:

We had lunch at a restaurant that Mawmaw enjoys, close by her home.  It was cute the way the waiters flirted with Mawmaw.  The restaurant was small and had a large open area.  Gregory loved it, because he walked up and down the restaurant, smiling at everyone.

Gregory has never been given candy, but when he saw the candy machine, he was attracted to the colors.  Funny how candy companies know what will hook a child!  No, he didn't eat any.  But it was neat to see him stretching to move the parts of the machine.

Mawmaw was tickled when Gregory gave her a "high five."  Daddy taught him how to do that :)

Gregory mostly wanted crackers, ate a little bit of a grilled cheese sandwich, but he was more interested in playing.  With a plastic container of butter... which then got all over his hands.  He thought it was great!  (not to eat, but to play with... he's a texture child)

We went back to MawMaw's house.  Mawmaw has a lot of stuffed animals that move and play music.  Gregory likes to play with them.  I love this next picture.  It doesn't show their faces, but it's just that "moment" - Gregory is leaning into Oma and he has his arm around her.  They look like buddies.

Before leaving, we picked peaches from Mawmaw's trees.  This was the first time Gregory has picked a fruit from a tree and the first time seeing a peach.  He thought they were balls to play with on the ground.

I like this next set of pictures, because of the teddy bears and Gregory's reaction.  MawMaw has three teddy bears with her children's name of them - Lester, Diane, Vera.  Lester is my Dad and Gregory's grandfather - Opa.  When Gregory was placed on Mawmaw's bed, he went for Opa's teddy bear :)

It was a short drive to visit with my Aunt Didi, but Gregory still managed to catch a few zzz's.  Picture taken after I unbuckled him and about to take him out of the car seat.

Gregory stayed asleep in my arms from taking him out of the car, walking into Aunt Didi's home and sitting on her rocker.  He would have slept longer, but his grandmother wanted him awake!  Lol.  Gregory was about to be grumpy from being woken up by Oma, but Aunt Didi came to the rescue with toys.  She has a great-granddaughter that visits.  I don't know who had more fun with the to toys, Gregory or Oma and Didi.

Gregory and their cat, Magic, got along great.

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