Sunday, July 13, 2014

Hide and Seek

My husband and I are trying to teach our son how to play "hide and seek."  We alternate who counts (either me or Greg) and who holds Gregory and hides.  The problem is that Gregory doesn't understand the concept of quiet in the game for the 'hiding' part.  When it's my turn to count, I'm laughing between counts, because I hear Gregory squealing and then, when I go looking for them, I'm laughing so hard I have to cross my legs not to pee, because when I call out to them, Gregory is giggling and calling back.  It's hilarious.

Gregory might not understand, but he sure gets a kick out of the game.  My husband is teaching our son how to play ball, well.. "fetch" more like it.  I shouldn't right that.  Gregory also likes to kick big balls.  Maybe he will play soccer one day?

So far I've managed to stop my husband from cutting our son's hair.  It's getting a little long, but I want to wait until Gregory is 2 years old, to make that the even of his first hair cut.  I'm hoping his Aunt Yaya (Madelyn) will do the honors.  How we're going to keep our son still will be interesting!

This past weekend we went to the local farmer's market in Destrehan.  We met another couple who are around our age and they have a cute little boy.  Their son was a little shorter than Gregory, but was 20 months old (4 months older than our boy).  Their son is talking and they said, "He would say a word here and there and then he just started talking a lot more."  I guess it's like walking, try it and then go for it.

We bought some fruit and veggies from the market.  One stand sold blueberries.  The first two attempts, Gregory didn't like them, but after that, he was eating them from the container.  The guy at the stand said the blueberries are grown in Poplarville, MS.  Our friends, Matthew, Cindy and Elizabeth have property out there.  Maybe we can make it a day, visit their property and pick blueberries.

I'm trying to find different ways for Gregory not to get bored with his toys.  He has plenty of them, but if they aren't "newly seen" then he's not as interested.  So, I switch the toys around, either putting them in different locations of the house or I put some toys in a dresser drawer that Gregory can reach and open.  It's not the toys so much, but rather the "hunt" for the toys that entertains Gregory.

One toy our little boy doesn't tire of is the iPad.  We have to limit the usage though, because Gregory will get a little obsessive with the apps.  (When Gregory visits Granny, she has to hide her iPad when she wants to play her games on it.)

Gregory can actually turn on the iPad, find an app and play with the games on his own.  The only way I can stop him from wanting to play with the iPad is to hide it on top of the piano.

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