Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Water Water Everywhere

We have had a few summer "water" days.  (I'll add some videos at the end of the post)

One day started at the Mississippi River.

(Mommy didn't want to walk down the levee, because it was so steep and Daddy had already walked down with Gregory.  But I think this picture was a nice perspective.  At one point Gregory was waiving at me.)

From the Mississippi River, we went to Lake Pontchartrain.  Gregory enjoyed walking on the pier.  It was a long pier and he couldn't get out of the rails (though he did try).  He loved having the freedom to walk, but we were close by.  (Favorite next picture, because it looks like he is dancing with his shadow.)

On a different day, we went to a church picnic.  It was great!  There was plenty of food, music, line dancing and even a water slide for the kids.  I have to admit, it was fun to see Father AJ in shorts along with the rest of the community.  It was a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

When we saw the water slide, we said in unison, "There's no way Gregory can go on that."  Then Rose offered to take Gregory with her on the slide.  She's a young lady of the community.  I warned her that Gregory would probably cry the entire time.  She replied, "That's Ok."  I was amazed with her kindness and eagerness to bring Gregory on the ride.

Rose's mom was there and if the video works, you can hear her say to Rose to mind Gregory's head.  Rose did a great job and Gregory's head remained dry!  He cried the entire way down, but later when he watched other kids going on the slide, he smiled.  I'm very grateful Gregory had the opportunity to participate!  Both Rose and her sister, Lily, are gems (or sweet flowers :).  Lily makes Gregory laugh during the church service by playing peek-a-boo with him.

Here are some picnic pictures:

Two Videos below


Anonymous said...

Loved the vids

Anonymous said...

Loved the videos.

speculationsimpressed said...

Wow! Gregory is getting so big. Toddler here we come. :-)

Cheryl said...

I, too, think that Gregory is getting so big. Love the pictures and videos. Sounds like you are having a busy Spring.