Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Early Easter Pictures

Instead of waiting for the weekend with the long lines or waiting right before Easter, I took Gregory with my parents to get his Easter picture.  Of course, I had to take some pictures at home first. :)

In the below picture, he has two stuffed toy rabbits.  The Easter bunny basket is so cute!  Greg's mom lent this basket to us for Gregory to use when he hunts for Easter eggs.

Next picture - he his flirting!

Investigating his basket!

The blue bunny is his favorite

"Here, Mommy, I'll share with you."

One of my favorite pictures - "Mommy pick me up" - smiles and arms

We went to the mall for the Easter Bunny.  I thought the huge basket was neat looking.  Gregory loved SEEING the Easter Bunny.....

But he wasn't so keen on being held by the big bunny.  Lol

After the pictures, they gave out bunny hats.  As you can tell, it didn't stay on his head for very long!

Love this last picture - "haha, I got away with something" look as he took off the ears


Laura said...

Absolutely precious, thanks for sharing!

speculationsimpressed said...

That flirt picture is one for a frame on the wall. He's so adorable in that one.