Thursday, January 30, 2014

Palm Tree Playground

I was looking for a place that offered "free play time" - not classes, but just a safe area with padded large toys for Gregory to play on and hone in on his climbing skills.

Groupon came out with a half off price for Palm Tree Playground, so I purchased it.  They have a nice section for kids under 3 years old, separate from the jungle gym climbing area for the larger kids.

Greg came with us.  It was nice and Gregory likes different places and watching the other children.

But...  when I asked my husband what he thought of Palm Tree, he replied, "I prefer Gym Rompers.  There's more interaction and control."

While we were at Palm Tree Playground, two boys in the under 3 year old section got into a fight!  Greg was the one who told the boys to break it up and play nice.  Later Greg said, "Where were the parents in this?"  They are supposed to be in the toddler section, but instead were at the tables outside of the area....

Yes, I do prefer Gym Rompers, but we'll go for the amount of time I have the Groupon for :)


Cheryl said...

That's kind of disturbing that moms would leave the area where toddlers would be playing. I would think there would be more watchful eyes. But the good news is that while Gregory is there you will be watching over him while he plays. The toys look fun and it's a change of scenery.

Laurel Thomas said...

I've always seen the moms in there with the toddlers. I can understand sitting down with the older kids, but babies?