Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cancel That

Our five anniversary was... Interesting. It was filled with romance, laughter and didn't go as we planned.

Last month Greg made reservations at a bed and breakfast in Covington, this is the north shore to us because we live south of Lake Ponchartrain. Yes we planned on taking the baby. We even picked up the PAC and play mattress that Greg's mom made, because it’s a thick mattress for our son to sleep on. We planned on supper, watch a movie and spend one night at the B&B then drive to Folsom for the wildlife refuge were Gregory could pet the animals. Then go home in time to watch the Saints game.

In the morning we decided against taking Gregory for two reasons. If we wanted to tour around the quaint downtown Covington area, it would require our son being in and out of 45 degree weather. Secondly, Folsom would have even colder temperatures and it's all outdoors. Both of our parents had offered early on to babysit for our anniversary. I couldn't make the decision, but Greg was dropping something off at my parents’ house and he asked my parents to watch the baby.

So, our first plan with the baby coming with us.... Cancel that. Yes, we missed him terribly! We even did Facetime with our baby and that just made us miss him more.

And the plans for Folsom... Cancel that.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Greg called to confirm reservations before we left. They didn't find our name! Greg asked them to double check and call us back. I mentioned that Greg should check his credit card to make sure they didn't already charge the fees. Greg asked what we should do if they didn't make our reservations... We figured we would just go out to eat.

When I looked through my email from Greg about the B&B, I said the B&B name and he said, no, that's not it.

Ahem, he had called the wrong bed and breakfast! So after confirming with the correct place… yes, I giggled, but I also admired how my husband kept his cool when he thought they didn't have our reservations.

The B&B was lovely. Our room had a queen bed and there would have been plenty of room for our sons play and sleep area. The owner of the B&B was sweet. The accommodations were very nice, already had pastries, coffee, breakfast supplies, water and sodas in stock in our private sitting room. The owner suggested a restaurant called Toad Hollow for supper.  

We looked at various restaurant options and went with the owners recommendation.  I have to admit, I kind of liked the name of the restaurant and was hoping for hobbits to come out and serve us :)

It was a short walk to the restaurant, but even so my nose felt like a block of ice! The food is all organic at Toad Hollow. It was a tasty meal and certainly nothing like what we have back home. It was fun and different (no hobbits though).  The drinks didn't have, "all those nasty chemicals" in them per our waiter. I opted for the root beer.

It was a quaint, unique restaurant that melded well into the historic downtown feel. I also liked the painting of the typewriter by our table.

When we looked at movie times we realized we had a lot of time between the end of our meal and the show time. We didn't tour Covington... Cancel that, just too cold. And I LIKE cold weather!

We walked back to the room. Yes, it was romantic and nice having alone time. But as we relaxed, we both agreed.. Why pay evening costs for a late movie when we can catch a matinee cheaper in the morning... And again, too cold to go out.

Going to a movie..... Cancel that.

We watched a show on tv. We tried to get comfortable. First I was cold from our walk back to the restaurant, then it was too hot. Then we were both tossing and turning.

Greg got up to lower the heater setting. I said, "You know… we don't live far from here. We could go home." I said it half joking. Greg asked what time it was... There was no clock in the room. I had to get up to look at my phone, laughing the entire time. It was 9:40. I said, "We could leave and be home by eleven."

Greg reached out, "Give me your phone.  Give me your phone." He said, "Heads we stay. Tails we go home. Siri, flip a coin."

Siri replied, "It is tails."

We busted out laughing. We asked again. Siri responded, "It is tails again."
By this time I'm sure our laughter could have been heard through the walls.

A third time it came back, "Tails again." The fourth time, "TAILS." I think Siri was having an attitude. We agreed, yes, we were going home, but asked a fifth time wondering if it was programmed for tails and then Siri says, "fine, heads."

I felt like we were thieves sneaking our few packed items back into the car and heading out.  You would have thought we were school kids, laughing so much.

We actually tried the coin flip with Siri a sixth time while driving home. I think Siri was getting annoyed. It came back as, "Opps, the coin fell through a crack!" Seriously!

Crazy, yes, but we went back home, laughing the entire way back. We didn't pick up our son as he was asleep. Sure feels good to be home. We won't do a bed and breakfast again. They are nice, but if it's close to home, lets just be home.

The good thing is we had a lot of laughter, nice meal, different day, time for just the two of us and a happy appreciation of being home. We will go to Folsom another time when it's warmer.

Greg asked, “Bed and Breakfast are out of the question, I think.  So what do we do for our anniversary next year?”  I think having a baby sitter for Gregory, going out to eat, going to the movies, and going home is perfectly perfect.  Each day is a blessing in our marriage.  We don’t need a bed and breakfast to create romance or prove our love.  We live it daily. Though I will add that this anniversary will be memorable for all the cancellations and the giggling!


Mari said...

Too funny! Glad you two know how to enjoy yourselves in all situations.

Leah Campbell said...

I'll have you know you just made me spend 5 minutes asking Siri to flip a coin... thanks a lot! ;)

catskillblogger said...

My Mom came up for a visit for our first anniversary. Not exactly what I had in mind, but it was a great visit and we did have some alone time after she left. It's about just going with the flow.

Holly Jahangiri said...

That is so awesome!! LOL - I think you two will have a long, happy marriage with that attitude and your shared sense of humor. Siri did well, too.

Happy 5th, from someone celebrating her 30th in June this year!

Cheryl said...

The B and B looks quite charming but then no place is quite like home is it?

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Happy Anniversary! I love this post, y'all are such a cute couple.
I do love B&B's though, I've been to one in St Augustine that was beautiful, and one in Mt Dora FL that was amazing and had some of the best food I've ever eaten.
Anyway! So glad you enjoyed your anniversary.