Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Good Bye to 2013

I have to be honest, part of me is sad to see 2013 go... The Year of the Snake.  My son's Chinese birth year.  2013, the year Gregory Jr made life a blessing I never could have dreamed would happen.

But most of me.. is happy, because there's another year to watch and learn with my son and my husband.  Besides, how can I not be happy at the beginning of each new year?

Every January 3rd is a celebration - our anniversary!

My husband asked me, "What is the 5 year anniversary gift?

I looked at Greg, "It's unchartered territories for me.  I have no idea!"

We had always joked that for our 5 year, we would throw a huge party.  It was my milestone.  I've never reached 5 years in a marriage before.

Both sets of our parents want to take our son and let us go somewhere just the two of us for our 5 year anniversary, but that won't be the case.  We want to celebrate it as a family, all together :)

Looking forward to the wonders that 2014 have in store.  My New Year's Resolution is to be around those who are positive in heart and mind.  I wish this for our family.  It comes from a very recent episode with a person who has a deep negative view in her life and it was inflicted upon me and my son (it was an ugly situation).  My husband said that he chooses not to surround himself with negative people and I'm going to include that in my resolutions.

Do you have any resolutions for 2014?  Do you have any traditions or plans for tonight (New Years Eve)?  (Greg says that we are a boring family - no plans to go to a party, just staying home, out of the cold and the rain.)

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year!

(P.S. "Wood" and "Silverware" are the gifts for 5 year anniversary.  But for Christmas I gave Greg a silver spoon that reads "Best Daddy Ever" and he said that will suffice.  Lol.)


Cheryl said...

I think that is a very wise statement from Greg about not surrounding himself with negative people. When life is going well...full of hope and promise...why let others try to bring you down.

I haven't made an actual list of resolutions this year. (some years I have)...this year I am not sure what I want to accomplish that is different than any other year. I always want for my family to be healthy and happy and for us to live good and giving lives...I am not sure that I need specific goals to be reached.

Kavi said...

Happy New Year Aleta. Heres wishing you the very best this year and in the times ahead

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Gregory is at SUCH a fun and exciting age! Happy Anniversary and congrats to making it five years.
Happy New Year!