Friday, December 20, 2013

Picture and Poem

When our friend, Rene, came to visit, my husband said, "This is my life, Cheerios on the floor."  Our son has been given the go-ahead to eat solids and regular food.  We give him Cheerios after his meals to get him used to the texture and taste.

When Greg said those words, he woke up my muse.  I used to write a lot of poetry.. it's been a while… (For those who "know" poetry… I'm just doing my own style, nothing formal.)

Cheerios Life
By:  Aleta O’Brien

A home once graced by
Crystal and China figurines
A home where clean was
In daily oversupply
A quiet haven of order

Now trips over toys
And finds Cheerios by toe
Now forego dining out
Suffering the loud noise
Brought by chaos and disorder

A shower becomes a luxury
Dust bunnies claim the place
A high chair owns space by the table
All eyes become the jury
Privacy is no more

Nice clothes lost in the closet
Make-up a long forgotten thing
Nice means the soft swing bundled
Blue in the bassinet
Heart expands to adore

Trading news for Disney
While watching the sunrise
Trading quiet to cries but finds
An unfamiliar, beautiful journey
Morning starts by moniter

Home makes room for a stranger
Tiny hands and toes slow the world
Home knows peace is curled softly
In the arms of this life changer
Days shine with new laughter

Couple becomes a family
Faith and magic breath again
Two vows and then a miracle
Adjustments made lovingly
Seeing joy through wee eyes

Caught a glimpse of God's smile
When arms stretch up to be held
Caught giggles and swelled the heart
This life tripled the worthwhile
Each new milestone a surprise

No material item
No lost time for sleep
No orderly desire
None of it can measure
When hugs are priceless
When sounds are a blessing
When snuggles are bonding
When new life is the treasure


Cheryl said...

What a beautiful poem, Aleta. I agree that the fun that comes from having a child in the house trumps having things all "perfect".

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

=) I love it!