Thursday, December 19, 2013

10 Months and 1 Day Old

Dear Son,

Mommy took pictures of you yesterday.  You were on the bed and Mommy had the camera out.  Daddy had to help, because you were crawling very fast to Mommy and we didn't want you getting close to the edge of the bed.  Daddy would pick you up and put you back at the head of the bed and you were off again, crawling super fast.  Officially you started crawling around 9 1/2 months.  Small crawls, but it was there.  At 10 months, you have it down.

At 10 months, you are walking around holding our hands.  Twice now for about less than a second, you stood on your own.  You are quickly pulling yourself up on anything that is vertical.

And you are eating EVERYTHING.  Including things you aren't supposed to be putting in your mouth.  Mommy is a nervous wreck and she is going to go on a huge spring cleaning (cleaning behind the sofas, etc) because heaven knows what lurks with the dust bunnies.  But one thing Mommy knows… you WILL find it.  So far we have found a small round band aide in your mouth (shutters, ewwww) and a flower (humming bird flower that is in our garden in the front yard, they are very sticky).. Mommy freaked out with the flower too, because who knows what is poisonous flora wise.

You don't like socks and will take them off quickly.  You tolerate the hat that Aunt Kim bought you.  You still love Gym Rompers and Mommy just recently wrote an article that was published - you can read it here.

Food wise, you are eating up a storm, plenty of baby food and formula and we are trying "real food" every now and then.  I realize now that Mommy and Daddy don't eat that healthy and I don't want to feed you what we eat!  I guess that will be changing.  May we all get healthy together.

You used to sleep through the night, but currently you are struggling with sleep, waking up at 10pm, 1am, 4am.  We think it's because your 5th tooth is coming in and there are plenty of other ridges where it seems more teeth are in the wings to come out.  You don't like us to look at your teeth though.  As much as you put things in your mouth, you don't want us to lift your lips to see your upper teeth (where the 5th is coming down).

18 month size clothing is a little big on you (definitely big width wise).. but you are too long for 12 month clothing.  Your torso is longer again, which tells me there will be a growth spurt for your legs coming soon.  Perfect timing for you to get more walking attempts in!

We love you so much, sweet son.  Daddy said today that his life priorities changed from the day you were born.  Everything is about you.  Mommy knows that feeling.  Will you ever understand how cherished you are?  Maybe one day, when you have a child…

Love Always,


Mari said...

He is so cute and he has the best smile!

Leah Campbell said...

He is just adorable!

Cheryl said...

Congrats on the article. Is there really anything looking like a lazy eye? I can't see it on any of his pics. One of my kids was suspected to have a bit of lazy eye but it never amounted to anything.

Very sweet letter to Gregory!!

speculationsimpressed said...

It won't be long now before he's into everything.

He sure is a cuties. :)