Sunday, November 3, 2013

Thankful for football

Never thought I'd write that, but I am thankful for football.  Yes, I cheer for our college teams and the Saints - Who Dat!  But even more so I'm thankful for the game bringing family together.  One day though I'm going to record family reacting to the football plays.  Sometimes that's just as entertaining as the screen.  Lol


The Forscheins said...

watching sports really can bring a family together. I'm doing the November thankfulness too. Just really behind on my postings. I'm at about mid-October right now. Happy November!

Cheryl said...

Every post tells us what a wonderful husband, daddy, and man you are married too. I have one as well and think that everyone should be blessed with men like this. Aren't we lucky?

Cheryl said...

While the other comment wasn't supposed to be attached to this post...let me say you deserve a special reward for being a wife that likes sports. I can't even fake that.