Sunday, November 17, 2013

Thankful for brothers

I miss my brother.  I used to be able to see him, well, whenever, as he lived close by, but that has changed.

My brother is two years my senior.   (We used to call him Robbie when he was a little boy.) He used to call me "Brat" when I was a little girl and one day I told him, "I don't like that name.  It's not nice."  So he changed the nickname to "Brit."  I don't know why.  Never asked him, just figured it was better.  Thankfully though, he doesn't call me either any more.  Lol.

This year, instead of exchanging gifts (or truth be told "gift cards")… I asked if we could instead.. make the gift.. time… phone calls, emails, letters.. some way to keep in touch.  Heck, even a text message can bring a smile :)

My brother hasn't met his nephew.  Uncle Rob…  I think that's so cute.  Rob and his wife will be in town for Christmas.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Today, is my brother's birthday.  Happy Birthday!  I love you, Rob…. I miss you.  See you soon!


Life Is 2 Short 2 Fold Underwear said...

Gregory will adore his Uncle Rob! Hmmm...will there be more pictures of the two of them getting acquainted or of Gregory opening presents on Christmas?? ;)

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday to your brother. How cute are you to write such a nice post about your brother. His presence at Christmas will make the holiday special.