Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Nine Month Dr Appointment and Friends

Yesterday Beverly and Sally came by to visit with Gregory.  This was Bev's first time meeting Gregory.  Gregory was tickled to have so much attention :)

We just got back from Gregory's nine month doctor appointment.  For length he was in the 75-90 percentile and for weight only in the 50 percentile (he only gained 2 pounds in three months).  This worried me, but the doctor didn't seem concerned.  

The fun begins with food.  We get to feed Gregory the food that we eat, soft and mashed… no eggs, no honey, nothing round and nothing hard.  He will be on the bottle with formula until 1 year to 15 months, so the food is just more of getting used to the texture and experience.

Gregory didn't have any scheduled shots for this visit, but we opted for the flu shot for him.  We have to go back in a month to get a secondary flu shot.  For some reason, children under the age of 1 year need that secondary shot.  Maybe it's because the first shot is less?  I know I need to find out when I had my flu shot last year and get mine as well.

I was worried about Gregory coughing.. but the doctor said it's nothing in his lungs and if it's just a nasal congestion, there's nothing to worry about.  Gregory wasn't running a temperature and everything looked good.  Yeah, Gregory!

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