Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1 Counting Blessings

Thanksgiving… November.. for me, it’s the month where I take a few extra minutes to count blessings.  It’s a focus month for me on being thankful.  A couple of times on my blog (and even on Facebook), I have posted a quick few words each day during the month of November for things I’m thankful for.

I’m going to attempt to do that this year here on my blog :)

Day 1, Counting Blessings:  I’m thankful for God.  Life is never easy.  Things will always go wrong.  But when you survive and sometimes even thrive through the rough times, it’s an inner strength given by the grace of God and I’m thankful for this.

Have you ever seen an “old soul” in a child’s eyes or felt like a baby is looking straight into your soul?  I wonder if children remember God and heaven when they can’t talk and slowly as the baby assimilates to our world and life, the baby forgets.  We have a painting of Jesus by our table.. it hangs on the wall right above the baby’s high chair.

The first time I fed Gregory there, he kept tilting his head back to see the painting.  I said, “That’s Jesus.”  Gregory snapped his head back to me really fast and smiled at me.  Then he looked back at the painting, as if to say, “I know that already Mommy.”

(My husband says that Gregory looks at the painting because of the contrast on the wall, but there’s a big fleur de lis wall decoration that is just as dark in contrast and Gregory isn’t totally into the wall decoration unless you walk him right by it.)

Sorry, the picture is blurry.

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The Forscheins said...

I believe that too. Babies still remember I'm sure