Thursday, November 21, 2013

Building Blocks

My husband took this picture as I held our son over the blocks.  He wanted to swipe the blocks down and Mommy wouldn't let him.  Hence his expression :)

I'm thankful for the simply joys of Motherhood… to be able to watch as my son tries to figure things out.

One thing he has down pat (and something I was worried that he wouldn't do).. is rolling.  He can do this like a pro.  In fact, to heck with crawling towards something, the little boy will just ROLL towards it!  I think he just might skip crawling altogether.  Both my mom and I wonder if the length of his torso is making it more difficult for him to learn to crawl.

But I also wondered a few months back if my son would learn to roll.  So, I guess Mommy just has to roll with it. :)


Life Happens said...

He is just so big and so adorable! He will keep you on your toes once he starts walking! That's when all the adventures begins.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

What a fun time! And there is so much more to come. =)