Friday, October 18, 2013

Who is 8 months old today

Who is 8 months old today?

"Mommy, Mommy,  I know the answer!"

My sweet little boy made 8 months old today!

  It's hard to believe it's already 8 months.  I look back on his birth pictures and it still surprises me, how much he has learned.  His personality is coming through too.  Oma, his grandmother, calls him a "tough little dude."  He's strong... both in body and will.  If he doesn't want to sit, by golly he is going to stiffen those legs until you have him standing!

  Early on, I read how sign language is good for children and parents, during the time when babies are learning what things are, but not able to communicate other than through a cry.  Sign language is also a good skill with hand-eye co-ordination.  Every time we gave the bottle to our son, we did the "milk" sign and said "Baba".  Now, Gregory is saying the words and making the hand motion as well.

My husband and I think our son is going to be tall.  He is just so much bigger than kids his age!!  And he isn't a fat kid.  He's just long-limbed.  It's funny, because I can see an expression on other parents' faces, as if to question, "Why isn't that kid walking and running around?!"  And when I tell them his age, they say, "Oh" and a "Oh my gosh, he's huge" look is given.  It's funny.  When we were in Wal-Mart (favorite store - NOT), there was a little boy, about half the size of Gregory.... he was a year and a half old.  Greg and I looked at each other and said, "Our son is HUGE!"  Lol, but he's ours.

Gregory is getting more and more expressive.  His emotions are a quick change... he can go from happy and smiling in one minute:

To fussy in the next, just depending upon what he wants and how quickly he wants it.

And other times, he is so focused and serious about the things going on around him.  As if he is analyzing every sight and sound.  He gives me a glimpse into his adult features.

I want my son to know happiness and security and most importantly, love.  I just want to wrap him up in hugs.


Mari said...

He is adorable! Happy 8 months!

Cheryl said...

It doesn't seem like it's been 8 months from out here either.

My son was always mistaken for being older than he was. At times that is a bit problematic when people expect they should be reading or writing and they are 3 but it all works out. My son did turn out tall. He is 6'3" as an adult. Still fairly slim but tall.

Leah said...

Seriously, CUTE!!!