Thursday, October 17, 2013

Visiting with Grandparents

If my husband has a report to do at home, then he requires a quiet home.  I can appreciate that.  But the baby doesn't follow the rules :)  So, Gregory and I will go for a walk or get out of the house for a while.

Gregory visiting with grandparents:
Gregory has learned a few habits.  He knows when there is no more food, because we wipe the food off of his face... and this is what happens....

He also knows that it's playtime afterwards :)  There are toys that fit on this highchair.  In the video, watch Gregory's expression as he drops the toy.  He KNOWS it's going to make a noise, so he squishes up his face.   (His grandmother loves to say "Ut Oh!" - it makes Gregory laugh.)

To View on YouTube, click here.

Here's another video -  Gregory's grandfather making him laugh:

To View on YouTube, click here.


Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

I love babies at that stage.

7 year olds are a different story...

Cheryl said...

Gregory is so lucky to have grandparents in his life. So many kids are too far away from extended family these days.