Saturday, October 26, 2013

Visit with Uncle Matthew and politics

Matthew and his family live one street over from us.  It's funny.  My husband became good friends with Matthew for many years before we met.. which means Greg was driving just a few homes away from my house for all those years.  Small world.

Matthew came by for a visit and Gregory was just as content as could be.

OK, some I'm about to do something on my blog that I rarely do.  Politics.  Everyone has an opinion and everyone has a right to that opinion.  God bless everyone :)  That said....  Matthew talked about the health care and how he heard on the radio about a lady who went to see her general doctor for her annual visit.  "New system" the receptionist said... "We have to ask you some questions to update our system."  We've all heard this, right?  No biggie.

Until the litany of questions were delivered.  The woman was furious... "They asked me not just how many children I have, but wanted to know how HEALTHY my children were.  What business is that of their's?  I'm here for MY appointment.  This isn't for my kids."  It appears the "new system" also requires information about how many guns you have in your home.  When Matthew heard that, he said, "If they ask me that question when I see my doctor again, I'm going to tell them - which one you want to know about?"

If I get any of those types of questions that are unrelated to the doctor's appointment, I'll just state, "I refuse to answer."  Grrr...  government, get OUT of my personal business!  *jumps off soap box*

To end this on a better note....  my son started to rub his eyes, rub his ears and pull on his hair - sure signs that he was tired.

Matthew said, "I know the feeling.  Look."

My husband said, "Don't pull on your hair, Gregory.  See what happens?!"


Mari said...

I had the same questions asked to me at my last Dr appt. I also know of a few Dr's who are closing their practice because the new requirements make it too expensive for them to stay open. I'm really worried about what the future holds with this system.
My husband would say the same thing as yours when talking about pulling your hair. Funny!

Laurel said...

You know, last time I went to the doctor, I had to answer questions about my pregnancies.

I didn't even put two and two together then.

Cheryl said...

I am getting very concerned about the direction this is taking. I would be a little more opened minded it this was healthcare provided by the government but the fact I pay over $1100.00 a month for my policy, how many hoops should I have to jump through.

I got a letter today, reprimanding me that it's been more than a year since my last mammogram. When did that start that someone is keeping tabs. The letter says I have until Nov. 11 or they will contact a screening clinic on my behalf. WTF