Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick Conversation Share

Time to share a conversation....  I brought my son over to my parents' home.  I explained to my mom how Greg and I sometimes take the baby and the cat out for a stroll (the cat fits into the lower part of the stroller, but it's open, so the cat can jump out).  It's neat, but I'm constantly worried the cat will freak out with a loud sound and run out of the stroller.  

I said, "I'd rather put the cat in the cat stroller (yes, we have one, where the cat is closed in with a mesh) and then take them out." 

Mom replied, "Yes, then Greg can walk the cat and you can walk the dog."

I responding quickly, "the baby."

Mom covered her mouth in a gasp and burst out laughing.

You see.. earlier my mom fed the baby and while this happened their yard people came and cut the grass.  Of course, the lawn mower and leaf blower makes a lot of noise.  My parents have a dog and the dog barked up a storm at the yard people.

While the baby was eating, he would stop... look at the door... and go "AH!"  

My mom said, "It sounds like Gregory is trying to bark!"

I told her not to say this to my husband.  I didn't think he'd like that too much.  Hehe.

Gregory does bite though.... He has an odd habit with his grandmother.  He loves to bite her chin!

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Cheryl said...

I don't fault you mom at all as it's easy to have a slip of the tongue once in awhile. I know that she knows the difference between the dog and Gregory. That is an odd little habit about the chin bites.