Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Halloween Costume this year

Mommy made an oppsy... she ummm, bought an outfit and didn't realize the size.... ehhhh, it's for next yeah, k?

BUT... I did buy a "First Halloween" outfit.. that's just a TAD too large too.  Gregory wears a snug size 12.  This is a Size 18.  We'll just roll the sleeves and pants.  That'll work, right?

The shirt reads "My First Halloween" and he has a pumpkin on his butt.


Cheryl said...

I think the little pants with the pumpkin on the bottom are so cute. Little Gregory is really rockin' Halloween. He is in a snug 12 months? Isn't he 8 months old? Is he a big boy for his age or is this how kids are now? Has the sizes remained but kids are growing faster than they used to?

Aleta said...

He fits length wise but he has plenty of room width wise in the size 12. He is 75 percent in length compared to most kids his age.

Laurel said...

18 months can often fit 9 months these days. The sizes seem to get smaller and smaller!

I wish I had a costume he could wear, but I think I finally got rid of all the little ones.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

He's cute no matter what!