Friday, October 4, 2013

My Husband the Pied Piper

No, my husband wasn't hired to lure rats out of a town.  But if he keeps this up, the cats will be too fat to find any interest in the rats!

 I can't blame my husband.  It started with my dad.  My parents spoil their cute as a button dog, Biscuit.  One day my dad bought Biscuit some new treats.  He put a treat in Biscuit's kennel before it was time for her to sleep.  Biscuit smelled the treat; took the treat in her mouth, by the edge of the treat, barely touching it and she flung the treat towards the front door!

My dad correctly guessed that the treat wasn't a big hit with the dog.  And so, he gave it to us.  Not because we have a dog.  But because we have a cat.  Our cat smelled the treat and promptly walked away.  My husband said the treat stunk so much that he put the closed bag outside.

Not someone to waste anything, my husband decided to bring a small bag of the treats each morning with us as we went on our early morning walks with the baby.  We typically go on our walks at 5am, when the stars and moon are still in the sky... when the cats are still prowling and the neighbors are asleep.

Thank God the neighbors are asleep.  Otherwise they might come up to my husband and yell at him for stinking up their yard with those treats... and Thank God the feral cats LOVE the treats.  (Hence the treats don't last too long in the yard before being gobbled up.)

The cats love the treats .... to the point that my husband whistles to the cats and no matter if they are under a car, on top of a car, hidden in a bush, those feral cats come walking up to him!  He is the pied piper of cats... all because of those .... salmon.... flavored treats.. which smells like rotten salmon.


Jairam said...

This was such a cute post, despite all the stinkiness surrounding it :D

Laurel said...

Trust me, the cats will be hanging around your front door before long.

Cheryl said...

As you can tell I am still running behind in my blog reading. 5AM...impressive. I walk and 6 and I find that to be early.

Love the story. I wonder why the feral can't go for the stinky treats in such a big way and the dog and your cat snubbed it. Maybe once domesticated pets have the good stuff they feel entitled. Very funny posts.