Wednesday, October 23, 2013

He sleeps with me

My husband doesn't have many moments when our son will sleep with him.  So, when Gregory gets tired, the kind where he is fighting sleep and it makes him really.... REALLY... grumpy.... well, then Gregory is given to Mommy.

I don't know why Gregory will take naps with me.  I put his activity gym on my bed and bean pillows around him... mostly because he kicks his legs and I'd rather the pillow take the brunt and leave me without bruises!  But yes, after a few minutes, he goes to sleep.

This is the first time though, that he has fallen asleep like this!  On his side, one foot up, one curled under, holding himself up with one arm.  My son cracks me  up!


The Forscheins said...

he is so sweet!! And I think you're a great parent for allowing him to sleep where he's most comfortable. I remember feeling like I HAD to put Sydney in her crib for naps or otherwise the "parenting police" would show up on my doorstep and give me a ticket or something. Haha! It's refreshing to read that about a sweet firs-time mom who has found the peace and comfort of her baby more important than what society (or in my case the "parenting police") tells us we must do.

Cheryl said...

That is such a cute picture. While that doesn't appear like it could be too comfortable he certainly isn't bothered by it.