Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gym Rompers

We started Gym Rompers this month and I really do wish they offered classes every day.  It's great exercise, both mind and body, for Gregory.  He responds well to the activities.

Couple of pictures :)

There are games using musical instruments during the class.  This is Gregory's favorite:

While singing the puppet songs, Gregory was giggling every time the instructor looked his way.  He was just too cute!

The gym room has a bunch of different toys.  One is a huge ball.  Mommies balance the babies on the ball and roll it from side to side and back to front.  Gregory likes this too.

There's also a large donut roll, where the babies go inside, laying down and the mommies rock it back and forth.  Gregory doesn't want to lay down though.

Towards the end of class, we have the parachute song.  Some songs are done under the parachute and some on top.  This was the first time Gregory did the top parachute - where the babies go in the middle and the parents walk the parachute around in circles.  Gregory cried.  I think it's because I had him facing away from me.  Hopefully next time will be better.

At the end of class, the little girl in the above picture (she's sitting on the right) - her name is Ellie.  She crawled next to Gregory and was touching his face.  Ellie's Mommy said, "Touch softly, like when touching the doggie."  Ellie was careful, but Gregory still fussed.  I looked at him and said, "Mommy, someone is petting me!"  The mommies in the class laughed.

My son has a lot of energy and I think he needs the stimulation that gym rompers provides.  By the end of each class he is always ready to go, with plenty of yawns and rubbing of the eyes.  During the drive home he falls asleep and I carry him into the house asleep and generally we make it to the crib and about 20 more minutes of sleep.  Then he's a hungry boy. :)

My husband likes the next two pictures.  Gregory is looking through a long tube (the kids crawl through the tube).  The instructor was at one end of the tube with a hand puppet.

To see the video on YouTube, click here.

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Cheryl said...

Your pics are adorable as always. I think these types of groups for socialization are a great idea. Funny that the parachute thing is still in the mix. That was part of the program that I took my kids to when they were Gregory's age (over 35 years ago).

My one sorta kinda thing that used to bother me is the thought of all the germs on the play things. I still am a little grossed out when I see my grandkids with toys in their mouths but now I figure my own kids didn't develop the Black Plague so I am optimistic that my grandkids won't either.