Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gregory and iPads

Soon after our son was first born, my husband introduced the iPad to Gregory.  Our son especially likes the Uzu app, where the colors go across the screen and change based on touch.  It used to be that Gregory, as a newborn, would love to watch.

But now?  Gregory is quick to grab, even if that app isn't playing.

Even if Granny is spending time with Gregory and she has an iPad by her... he is going to reach for it and this can often times mess up the games Granny might be playing.  So, Granny has to keep Gregory on one side of her on the sofa and the iPad on her other side, out of Gregory's eyesight.  Hehe.  My son is not afraid of technology :)

Here's a picture of Granny rocking Gregory to sleep.

And in the below picture - Grandfather, Daddy, Baby

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Cheryl said...

Ipads are candy to little kids. Those colorful little apps are this generations coloring books and puzzles. Both my grandsons love playing on tablets.