Wednesday, October 9, 2013

First Shoes

In New Orleans, it's still Summer.. ehhh, a little less summer, more into the summer lite.  But for all this time, since my son was born, he hasn't had to wear shoes.  My husband started joking, "People will think our son is white trash."  (Hey, I like going bare foot too!)  But anyway... our son has his first shoes, gift from Oma and Opa.

Gregory:  "Mommy what are these things?  Ohhh, shoes?  Why are they on my feet?"

Gregory:  "Oh wait!  I think I know what shoes are for!!"


Life Is 2 Short 2 Fold Underwear said...

Sweet! Love the photos!

Cheryl said...

The shoes are adorable. Seems that Gregory hasn't quite figured them out but he has probably narrowed it down as far as they aren't edible.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I LOVE the look on his face in the second pic! Like Uh mom, where are my FEET?! lol