Friday, September 13, 2013


I am participating in the 1000 words and a picture (Well, I might have more than one picture).  My husband doesn’t like long posts, so Sweetheart, you might want to skip this one.  To learn more about the 1000 words and a picture prompt, click here and join in!


My child is a blessing in so many ways and part of that blessing is his sense of wonder, which brings me back to how beautiful and awe-inspiring this world is…  When something is new and different at first, my son’s jaw will drop and his eyes get round and he just looks and looks.  He might even smile.

I want positive things to be around my son.  Positive thoughts, positive vibes and I see that positive influence reflect back in his smiles towards strangers.  He sees the wonder and beauty in a new face, be it from another baby or someone elderly.  I want my son to keep that wonder and to continue to teach me about it as well.

Not long ago I read, "a child is happy and able to experience wonder when he or she isn’t faced with fear."  Part of that comes in cuddles with the satisfaction of love and attention from mommy and daddy… and the knowledge that the needs will be taken care of, being fed and soothed… to be a part of and share the exploration – to touch, hear, see, feel, all within the knowing net of safety and love.

As my son tries something new, he looks for my reaction.  I clap when he rolls, sits or even stands assisted.  It makes him smile.   If I make a new sound, such as clicking my tongue, he looks wide-eyed and watches my lips.  He is learning from watching me.  Just as he learns from watching us eat or from walking.  His learning is part of the wonder in an environment of love.

I can’t remember where I read the quote, but it goes something along this… Wonder is possible for a child when he can be himself without the fear of risk.  That comes with a home of support and a willingness to show joy and share the same wonder that the child finds. 

Every time we turn the lights on and off, my son’s eyes go wide.  So I carry him to some of the light switches around the house and count, “One… Two… Three!”  then turn the lights on and off.  My son kicks with excitement and reaches his arm out.  I hold on to his hand as he “helps” me turn on and off the light switch.   He giggles.  Pure joy was written on his face!  My husband saw us doing this and said, “Let me do this light switch!”  It was so cute to watch Daddy get into the game.

Curiosity certainly is an inspiration to appreciate what is around us…  but more so, it’s how my son sees the uniqueness not only about himself, (his toes and fingers) but also about everything around him.

My little boy is like no other little boy in this world.  What’s the funny quote, “We are all unique.”  And through his eyes, I will see how each bird is special, how each texture is new or the delight in a cat touching nose to nose (My son squealed with glee when our cat went nose to nose with him!) or the soothing sound of the waves lapping the sand. 

The wonder in my son’s eyes reminds me to take notice of the things around me.  There’s the simple saying, “Stop and smell the roses.”  But how often do we actually take that to heart.  My son continues to teach me by example…

My little boy smiled at an elderly lady who was in a wheel chair.  He just kept smiling at her.  The lady said, “He’s beautiful!  Look at him smiling at me!  Ohhh, he just made my day!”  The elderly lady was thrilled and smiled ear to ear.  There was a second lady, who guided the wheel chair.  She looked at me and said, “He is a happy baby.  Good job, Mommy.” 

A simple smile to a stranger, the wonder of that kind of beauty we can offer and he does it so effortlessly.  It’s a blessing and I become awed with my own son.

It’s a formless, wordless wonder… What I want is for my son and for me… to not allow words and concepts and perception to destroy that type of wonder.

Everything he sees is new and magical and I want to be a part of that. 

As he learns how to move from back to tummy and then tummy to back… I am on the ground with him, rolling and seeing how best to turn, how the world looks, how my body is moving and he sees me doing those things with him.

I want for us, our family, to look at the trees and flowers, animals and rocks – everything and anything - observe it.  My husband is good at this.  Sometimes he even says the he “observes too much.”  Maybe my son gets that more from his Daddy.  As my son’s eyes focus on the faces of people, a leaf floating in the wind, the shadows on a wall, I will focus on those things and see them…. Beyond words and concepts… a connection with things around me without the imprisonment of history and previous descriptions.

As my son grows, I wish for his continued enthusiasm for his natural surroundings, such as a sunset, clouds and rainstorms.  I still have some of those wonders in me and it’s a blessing to know I can share them with my husband – one of the many things bonding us together is the joy of the simple beauty in the world.  And now, we have the additional blessing to share it with our son ~ that sense of wonder comes back in a deeper level. 

My son’s wide eyes are part of the beautiful gift that he offers this world.  His smiles are the reflection of seeing the beauty in this world.

It’s an instinct that we all had as children.  What I worry about is how not to destroy the light of wonder… how to keep my son from discouragement or negative words..  Some might say it’s impossible, but I don’t think so.  I will keep the light shining around him, because I believe love is the very wonder of all that we are born with.  My son gifted me with the reminder of how wonder is part of our essence.

We can continue to enjoy the world, no matter the age or experiences or history or knowledge.  The eyes of a baby, of seeing everything new, it’s a beautiful thing, a sense of joy and innocence.  It’s the simplicity of not over-complicating matters.  It’s the freshness of life to walk with curiosity and without prejudice. 

My son reminds me of these things, on a daily basis.  I pray to be able to do the same for him, to be the encouragement of childhood delight, to keep that in his life and to always treasure what he has brought into my life.  To enjoy each moment, because my son is unique, precious, beautiful.. and a wonder.


Holly Jahangiri said...

Your son is adorable. You are totally forgiven for including more than ONE picture! :) I can't imagine how you'd choose just ONE. Thank you for joining in my challenge! That makes it so much more fun, to have someone doing it with me.

I love your attitude. If only we all had the opportunity to see the world through a child's eyes, before the world has made him wary and hesitant and less full of wonder and joy. His job is to remind you how to see; yours is to help keep him from forgetting in the first place. :) I agree with that lady - looks like you're doing it well, indeed.

Leah Campbell said...

So precious!!

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I love these posts. I love how you are so fully focused on your son, and you take nothing for granted. Your awe of him is so apparent from your posts. He is one lucky boy!!

Sorta Southern Single Mom said...

Not just a whole new world for him, but for you too as you relearn things through his eyes!

The Forscheins said...

Gorgeous post. Well written Aleta. That sense of wonder about the world and all things in it, is part of why I'm leaning toward choosing to homeschool. They learn so naturally and have basically been homeschooled ever since they were welcomed into loving families. Why take away from all that love and positivity to put them into classes of (private) schools where in 5 days of the week only 30 minutes of P.E. are on the schedule? We are outside every day and not just for 30 minutes I assure you. Why change subjects every 30-60 minutes if a child is fascinated by a certain experience or fact. Sorry I'm taking this off into my own current world now, living surrounded by the popular opinion to go to school, while I myself more and more see the joys and advantages of keeping my babies close to me a little while longer. I'm glad you see the wonder too though. It is beautiful to get to relive life through their eyes and to get to make peoples' day with a warm smile. There is so much to experience even for babies, and they are eager to experience it all and to love it all, given the love and attention you give your son. I love how you do it all. Great job to you both!!!!!!!!