Monday, September 16, 2013


We aren't vegetarians, but our son is right now.  He does NOT like meat, not even mixed in with veggies or rice.  I  can't blame him.  The stuff STINKS.  I wanted to gag just trying to feed it to him. Yucko!  We tried chicken/peas and turkey/rice/veggies.

Here are some pictures with the chicken/peas episode.  I like the "body bib" for him :)

Normally he opens his mouth for more and will even scream if I don't get the food to him fast enough.  This is what I got instead....

"Gross Mommy, YOU eat it!"

"Seriously?  You're going to try to give me more?"

"I'd rather eat my toes.  Are you getting the message yet?!"

To see a video of Oma feeding Gregory turkey... watch below:

To watch this on YouTube, click here


Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

Meat seems to be an acquired taste. lol For a LONG time my kids would only eat meat when mixed with something else, never that icky pureed meat only (gag!!).

Cheryl said...

My kids hated the pureed baby food meat as well. Just like Cyndy, I mixed it into veggies BUT since that still was met with minimal results...I started pureeing my own when we had chicken, turkey, roast beef etc. That was met with far better results.

Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

Have you tried mixed it with applesauce?

I used to make W's babyfood for a while. The meat was nasty even when handmade.

Jessica Anne said...

We haven't tried any meats yet! Only oatmeal, avocados, carrots and sweet potatoes. We are a little slow going on the solids!!

The Forscheins said...

Adorable! I absolutely love the body-bib :)