Monday, September 9, 2013

Break My Heart

This past weekend, my husband took the baby monitor, got up early when the baby woke up, fed him, changed him.. then brought Gregory back to bed to say, "Good Morning, Mommy."

Gregory leaned in; we touched noses.  Then Gregory's head went side to side in an Eskimo kiss!  My husband said, "Aww, that was great.  Breaks my heart.  You taught him how to give Eskimo kisses."

It was a perfect way to greet the day.  Afterwards, the three of us went for a stroll around the neighborhood.  Some mornings Gregory gets special attention from neighbors who are also honorary Uncle Matthew and Aunt Cindy:

When we arrived home, Daddy set up his iPad.  Mommy hid her face behind the iPad and played "hide and seek" - something my son loves to do - watch where a person will "peek" up from or around.  He giggled the entire time :)

I had a heart break moment too.. a couple of days ago, Daddy gave Gregory a warm bottle.  It was in the afternoon.  Gregory fell asleep on Daddy.  It was the first time Gregory has done this.  The look on my husband's face was peaceful joy.  It was beautiful.

Below is a picture of Daddy giving Eskimo kisses:

This next picture I have to add, because it makes me laugh.  This was the first time Gregory had "Apple Blueberry"...  After the first couple of tastes, I'd say it's a "YES":


Amanda said...

His hair looks like it's starting to come in and he just keeps getting cuter!!!!!!

Mari said...

He's looking older! Glad you're enjoying all these moments.

Natalie said...

Awww that was really sweet of your husband!

Cheryl said...

For the next 6 months, I bet you see a lot of differences. Our kids and grandkids all loved baby food fruit. It's the meat that seemed to make them gag.

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

This is so full of cuteness!!!!