Monday, September 2, 2013

Aquarium Visit

Labor Day weekend we had lovely (albeit HOT) weather.  We opted for an indoor fun activity, something new for our son, the New Orleans Aquarium.  My husband decided that a family membership would be a good idea and I'm thrilled with the idea, because it's not just for the aquarium, but the butterfly exhibit, the zoo, etc.

We didn't even get to the bird exhibit which is located in the Aquarium.  That will be for another day.  Before leaving, baby was fed, changed and we had a diaper bag full and ready to go!  (Even including a change of shirt for Mommy and Daddy, in case of a spit up situation, but it wasn't needed.)  We timed everything perfectly.

Gregory loved seeing the fish!  There's a tunnel you walk through with the Aquarium and it surrounds you with fish.

Of course we had to check out the Penguins!

Otters are a favorite as well....

Walking under the tunnel again, the divers were in the tank to clean.. one saw me taking a picture of him with my husband and baby in the picture.  He waved to us :)

There was a tank where children could go under it and up through a glass, to be surrounded by the tank.  Greg crawled under the tank and held Gregory up.  Gregory loved it!  I think the blue crab on the right is cool, arms out like it's going to attack. Lol.

This next picture just cracks me up!!

With me making jewelry, couldn't resist this shot :)

On the walk back to the parking lot, people and children pointed to our son, saying how cute he was and that they liked his shades.  In the car, he fell asleep with the shades on.  He was ready for nap time!

Gregory was really good for the drive there, the walk around and seeing all the fish.  He handled the noise level, which was getting a bit loud, because it's the holiday weekend and a lot of families were there.  It was good having the stroller, but he kicked to let us know he wanted out and to see the fish up close. :)  First time to the Aquarium - Success!  We really are very blessed to have our sweet boy.


Laurel@Let's Go on a Picnic! said...

I miss our membership! We loved going to the aquarium. The jellyfish (and the play area) were always big hits. Did you see the anaconda in the Rainforest exhibit?

The zoo is fun too, even though the kids always want to visit the reptile exhibit. And only the reptile exhibit in some cases.

Cheryl said...

Your sweet boy is blessed to have you and Gregory.

What a lovely outing. I really enjoy aquariums and that looks like a great one. I can see where a baby would be enthralled with all the color and motion.