Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Birthdays

Greg's sister, Madelyn, is called "Yaya" to Gregory.  It's a name she asked for because she has other young children that call her this and I think it's a cute nickname for an aunt :)  This August was Madelyn's 50th birthday party.

Below picture is Yaya, Granny and Gregory :)

Madelyn wore a beautiful black floor-length dress with rhinestones in the middle.   She looked beautiful.  Madelyn held Gregory and ... as babies do... he spit up... from the top of her dress to the floor.  Yaya said, as she was cleaning her dress, "Does it ever end?!"  I felt bad about it, but what can one do?  I said, "Gregory's birthday gift to you?"

Below is a picture of Madelyn's daughter, Katie, holding Gregory.  I love how they look into each other's eyes :)

There are four "Greg's" in the O'Brien family gathering.  I asked Madelyn, as the birthday girl, if she would hold our son and if we could get a picture of the four Greg's together.  From left to right -  Greg F (this is Bonnie's husband), Madelyn holding Gregory, GregO (my husband) and Greggie (Greg F's son).  Too cute that the cousins are looking at each other.

Later during the party, I was holding Gregory and he was just smiling up a storm for Greggie.  Greggie took a picture and sent it to me.

I love this next picture, not because my son is in a walker and having fun... but because of the two adults on the floor.  It makes me smile every time I see the picture.

On the day that we celebrated Madelyn's 50th, was also the day that Gregory turned 6 months old.  My Mother-in-Law had a chocolate covered cupcake and we sang "Happy Half Year Birthday" to my son. Greg snuck a small touch of chocolate icing on Gregory's pacifier.

The next day we were able to celebrate my grandmother's, Gregory's great-grandmother's, birthday.  She turned 87 and yes, she still drives.  Not all the way from Zachary, LA to where we live (right outside of New Orleans), but she does drive to church by her home and to her daughter's, who lives close to her.  MawMaw is a spirited woman and she loves her great-grandson.  She said, "You can't take a bad picture of Gregory."  Awwww, I'm biased; I agree :)

I made a birthday cake for MawMaw and we had a card for her.  (And for those who are wondering... our tradition is 3 candles that represent "past, present and future"..)

After MawMaw blew out the candles, she scooped a big glob of chocolate on her finger and popped it into Gregory's mouth while my husband and I saying, "No, no, that's too much."  Did I mention there's no way to tell my grandmother "no"  hehe.


Leah Campbell said...

It's not a birthday unless you get a lot of baby spit-up all over you! ;)

Cyndy @ Back in the Bush said...

I love the picture of the four Gregorys! Also, it's so fun to watch grown ups get all silly over a baby. =)

Cheryl said...

Yaya is a cute nickname. And that cake looks amazing.

What's with your family not looking your ages. Marilyn doesn't look anything near 50 in her pictures.

Funny that there are so many Gregorys in your clan. When you need some help you only have to say "Gregory can you help me for a minute?" and you would have a crew coming to your aid.